Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat

Comparison: Choose the best clothes dry pump heat in 2020

In the budget of a lambda family, the power consumption of the dryer deserve a minimum of attention: in fact, that this device in the vast majority of households is presented as one of the most energy-intensive facilities, not far behind the stove, for example!

So to reduce the electricity bill, more and more people are considering purchasing a dry pump machine to heat.

What are the main advantages of this modern solution? What concessions should there be when making the purchase?

Discover our comparative guide to get all the information on this increasingly popular.

Dryer heat pump: finally a solution to reduce the electricity bill!

The first objective of those who seek to provide the best dry pump machine to heat is often the same: this alternative is chosen, because it consumes much less electricity. It reduces the energy bill, while posing as a friendly solution to our planet. But modern dryer has other qualities that you do not know yet. We make the point for you!

What is a heat pump dryer?

An alternative to the limitations of conventional dryer

Comparison: Choose The Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat In 2020

The dry pump machine heat is the main alternative to conventional dryers. In practice, most devices that are marketed so far worked on one of these two principles:

The drain (the warm moist air is discharged through a vent hole);

Condensation (water is removed from the machine by a condensation phenomenon, it is then directed back into a reservoir).

The dryer exhaust tend to disappear since they can not easily be installed in an apartment: it is necessary to discharge hot air to the outside; and we need a lot of space to keep things running. The conventional condensing dryer is now presented as the type of most popular device: it can be installed in any room, because no connection to an evacuation is required.

Nevertheless, these two solutions are very energy intensive. They are based on the principle of resistance and to heat it to do, it is of course a lot of electricity.

The dry pump machine to heat in brief

The dry pump machine heat is also dependent on a condensation process. But instead of using the heat supplied by a resistor, mobilizes energy from condensation. With a completely closed system, no need to set up an evacuation, this device can be arranged without difficulty in small parts, including inside the apartments.

At the time of purchase, you will notice that this technology is more expensive than conventional solutions. Despite this, energy savings resulting – and the choice to move towards a less destructive device for the planet – are as attractive ideas for families, enabling this innovation to grow significantly over the market.

Why buy a machine to pump dry heat?

The first objective of the dry pump machine heat is to reduce its energy consumption. Many people, facing all electricity used to maintain the machine every day, seeking alternatives for economic dryer. On average, it is considered that the choice of this type of device can consume up to 50% less electricity than a standard model of class A.

With the dry pump machine to heat, it is not simply category A, since the models are often rated A ++, A +++ even! People who live in a small apartment (or do not want to waste space because of the appliances) particularly appreciate this solution, which only needs a conventional electrical outlet to operate. The device does not release much heat, because it works in a closed circuit: you can install it in a small closet without fear of overheating!

Better yet, these new-generation dryers are more friendly textiles. The room temperature is two times lower than that of a traditional instrument: the sweetness, you can add all sensitive textiles, including when they are made of synthetic materials, the dryer. The drying time is longer, but since you spend little electricity, no impact on the energy bill will be felt.

The different types of dryer

Comparison: Choose The Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat In 2020

There are different kinds of solutions for dryer: To better understand the difference between the dryer technology, it is advisable to take stock of their functioning, their advantages, but also disadvantages.

The dryer exhaust, an economical solution

The evacuation dryer produces hot air through a resistor. In order to be removed from the workpiece, it is transported in a long sheath and out through a vent hole. To set up this unit, the wall must be drilled (it is not possible to use an existing VMC for installation, for example). If you rent or if you do not have the right to work, you can buy a tray that will recover the water. These devices cost less – and use less electricity – the condensation dryer. However, they involve important technical constraints to anticipate!

The dryer condensing unrestrictive

If you do not have possibility to set up an evacuation, we recommend the dryer condensing rather than the evacuation model. It is smaller and less complicated to install, since the water is collected in a tank integrated in the device, you simply empty the entire time to time. Unfortunately, this device is more expensive than its main competitor on the market. In parallel, it tends to reject the humidity in the room, which is not profitable for the air quality in the home.

The dryer with heat pump, convenient, environmentally friendly, but more expensive

His name does not necessarily indicate, but the dry pump machine heat also works on the principle of condensation. Specifically, the resemblance is strong enough, but the difference is a key piece: the resistance is replaced by a heat pump, which significantly reduces electricity consumption. Here, no need to install a drainage system, since the device is designed with a drain pan. Boasting some heat, the dryer can be easily arranged in a small closet: it is fully compatible with small apartments! But all these advantages come at a price: the purchase, these solutions are more onerous than those operating with less modern technologies.

The advantages (and disadvantages) of dryers heat pump

The advantages pump dryer heat pushing households to lean towards this alternative. For starters, if the system of condensation is indeed mobilized, moisture does not leave the device, which will keep a dry and healthy air in the house, even if the device is operated several times a week, which is common in many families.

Reusing the warm air and run on a closed circuit severely limits the energy expenses. Also, even though this type of dryer is more expensive to buy, it is far less expensive to use. No need to set up an evacuation system that takes up space and involve doing work: if you live in a small space and if you are renting, we strongly recommend that this device will not impose its constraints implementation, unlike the dryer exhaust (cheaper but more complex).

Note also that this dryer more respect your clothes. Specifically, the temperature is not as high (60 ° C maximum), drying is more soft and smoothly, avoiding the unpleasant surprise sweaters that shrink visibly, for example! With this dryer, you can easily incorporate more sensitive textiles such as cashmere in the drum, and without any fear.

On the downside, we draw your attention to the higher rate of this type of dryer. Upon purchase, you will naturally notice that it is more economical to opt for a less sophisticated model. However, since you know you’re going to save electricity, you need to think about this alternative, especially if you resort often enough in the dryer. Finally, we add that drying is longer. This can be a disadvantage if you are of a nature rather depressed, but it will benefit your machine over the long term, because the clothes are not damaged by excessively high temperatures for which they were not designed!

What budget provide for a dry pump machine to heat?

Comparison: Choose The Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat In 2020

If you want to buy a dry pump machine to heat your home, we remind you that it will necessarily be more expensive than a conventional model, because the system is perfected. However, you are not – not – in the obligation to provide a huge investment, because some brands have devised more affordable alternatives to make this accessible technology.

One could easily believe that it is not possible to find a PAC dryer (heat pump) to less than 500 €. Yet in the entry level, there is now access to devices between 350 and 500 €. At this price, you can not claim the heat pump the most economical: they consume a bit more power than more expensive models as they are generally classified A or A +, but rarely beyond. The capacity ranges between 7 and 8 kg for the cheaper models.

Between 500 and 800 €, rather we place on the midrange. Take the time to compare models because they do not offer all the same benefits. For example, some are still classified as A +, while others have a heat pump, A ++, which consumes less electricity. Several criteria such as the capacity or the different features can help you achieve your selection.

Beyond 800 €, brands confectionnent models that have all the claims of the best dry heat pump dryer. We often exceeds 1000 €, and occasionally we place over 2000 €. Here, performance is very high, there are heat pumps A +++, larger capacities attractive qualities such as aroma diffuser – and sometimes WiFi connectivity! You’ll understand that by agreeing to the price in your dryer, you buy the efficient appliances, but also offer you a jewel of technology.

How to choose clothes dry pump heat?

To make sure you go to buy a dryer for your needs, we must naturally take the time to compare the criteria of the models that come to you and are within your budget. We have selected the main characteristics that should count when you position a product.

condensation performance and consumption

You have probably opted for a dry pump machine to heat because it is a device that consumes much less energy than its main competitors in the market. However, we draw your attention to note, expressed in the form of a letter, which is necessarily displayed on the product side. It lets you know how the system is saving energy! On CAP dryer, changes from A to A +++, which naturally does not imply the same results. Remember, also, to look at the average annual consumption expressed in kWh.

The sound level

As you have already read in this buying guide, use a dry cloth to heat pump means to operate the unit for longer, because the operating temperature is lower. So if you think you install it in a crowded room of the house, you must take the time to compare the sound levels of different devices, expressed in decibels. A dryer will always be noisy, but some brands have made significant efforts to significantly reduce nuisance.

Readability and ease of use

Some dryers come with many qualities, but are sometimes difficult to handle. So much for mobilizing the functionality of your tool (refresh linen, delayed start to take advantage of peak hours, safety, remaining drying time, smoothing the clothing, etc.), please watch how each device, to ensure that you will reach easily to familiarize yourself with. Of course, also compare these “extras” offered by each manufacturer, as some of them can make all the difference.

The presence of moisture sensors

Several models of dryers are able to measure moisture machine, to take the appropriate decision: they stop when it’s dry, or continuing in the opposite case. This feature avoids the minutes that the device is turned on unnecessarily. You need to search for and focus on devices that include it because it is an excellent solution to really reduce your electricity consumption!

How to use a dry cloth to heat pump?

Comparison: Choose The Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat In 2020

The use of dry heat pump machine, if you had a dryer condensing, should not disturb you too: in fact, the operating modes are really close. Although the mechanisms are thought completely differently, everything was done to avoid disrupting consumers face this new device.

Simply, after cleaning the clothes in a conventional washing machine, putting them in the dryer. If you have the option to use a delayed start and if your contract includes peak hours, mobilize this feature to pay less for electricity. Otherwise, press it directly, you just have to wait for it to work.

Take the time to read the manual of your own dryer CAP before starting to use it because it probably has its own specificities. For example, you can have access tailored programs for certain types of machine, or even operating features designed to leave a pleasant scent after drying. In just a few tries, you’ll understand everything your new ally for the care of clothing!

Some tips to clean and care for your dryer heat pump

As the condensation dryer, PAC machine dryer retains water in a container specially designed for this purpose. Several models include automatic maintenance of the condenser, which relieves you of the work of taking care of this piece.

In the absence of such an innovation, you need to clean the condenser at least once a month. In this context, it is important not to remove. Simply remove by hand every fiber that has accumulated on the gates. In terms of vertical blinds, you also have the opportunity to spend a vacuuming.

It is important to take care of his dryer – and make those little chores on time. They help maintain maximum performance and pursue your energy savings.

Comparison: our pump dryers Preferred heat

You are determined, you leap and tumble dry heat pump dryer. To assist you in this new acquisition, discover that our comparative reports on 10 particularly interesting models in this sphere.

Comparison: Choose The Best Clothes Dry Pump Heat In 2020

With this dry pump machine to heat Bosch WTW 87499 FF, the manufacturer ensures that all consumers can be satisfied with their purchase. With technology SelfCleaning Condenser, you do not need to maintain this key part of your device: the condenser automatically washing. The condensation efficiency rating of A, even though the energy class is A ++. In short, all the lights are green: you can trust in this reference!

With an annual electricity consumption of 259 kWh, dryer you will certainly save on your energy bill, especially if you use the more traditional material before. Note that the noise level of 65 dB is very reasonable for this model, which is an added advantage. His 9 kg load capacity is higher than many other comparable products.

If you buy this device you will be able to activate the anti-crease cycle or apply the special program that best suits your needs: mix, wool drying basket, towels, hot timer, sports / fitness, Down, Express, shirts or delicate. For convenience, the information delivered by the device are transmitted on an LCD screen.

However, note that no start delay may be a disadvantage, especially if you’re used to dealing with this feature. In terms of drying results, some consumers remain somewhat skeptical, because the fact of using a lower temperature means having to wait long to dry clothes completely. But we can not attribute this disappointment with this particular model: it is a general principle applicable to the majority of references to dryer heat pump.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

This dry pump machine to heat DV Samsung 70M5020 KW was manufactured with the Heat Pump Samsung technology. The goal is twofold: it is to take care of laundry while facilitating energy savings. The presence of Optimal Dry sensors to modulate the function of drying the moisture of the laundry. A temperature sensor and a sensor cleaning also improve the overall performance of the device.

To simplify the maintenance of your dryer, a 2in1 filter was installed. It retains a maximum of fibers and renders the filter useless condenser. Just take care of this first filter, since the headband prompt you to maintain it. No risk of forgetting the wash and see your machine deteriorate through neglect! You also have a gauge water level. Thus in a glance, you can tell it’s time to empty the water container.

If you’re the impatient type, this heat pump dryer can dry 1 kg of laundry in 35 minutes with rapid program. Even better, the Smart Check function this class tumble dryer to the rank of technological marvel: by scanning the screen with your smartphone, you get a diagnosis and suggestions of manipulation to address independently to small everyday worries (which does not prevent you to operate the guarantee in case of problems, of course).

Some minor inconveniences may be served: the dryer is too small for a large family, he has no light inside and, given the excellent performance, one could expect an “A” rating on condensing efficiency.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Above all, you will understand at first glance that the CAP dryer Bosch WTW 87490 FF is characterized by its refined design. The appliance is never part of the decor, but here we highlight the manufacturer’s efforts to provide an apparatus whose curves are really elegant. Of course, appearances are never enough, but in terms of performance, this machine dry pump heat do not disappoint.

Designed with system SelfCleaning Condenser, this dryer relieves you of the job of maintaining the condenser: it cleans itself. Thus, without any action on your part, you maintain an efficient and greedy appliance energy year after year, its power will not contradict! For noise, the manufacturer has made every effort to create the least possible nuisance – and we reached 65 dB. The Sensitive Drying System ensures total satisfaction: a light stream of hot air comes from the sides and allows the machine to separate from the drum to dry faster.

With annual consumption of 259 kWh, this device is rated A ++. It can dry up to 9 kilograms of laundry during a cycle of about 157 minutes. The condensation efficiency is rated A, attesting again very appreciable performance of this Bosch appliance. Given the high range position this appliance solution, we regret the absence of a quick-drying function.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Ranked among the quietest in its class, with a capacity of 8 kg loading, dryer Bosch CAP 83200 WTH FF is a good compromise if you want to bet on a good mid-range. With this brand, we know that the quality is generally the appointment: you will not be disappointed with the features of this model, nor even of his rather strong finishes.

Very simple in appearance, this device is displayed in a sleek design. With the system of the heat pump, it gets an A ++, which makes him an object very greedy in electricity (annual consumption of 236 kWh). Each cycle lasts 203 minutes for condensation efficiency denoted B. The results may not be be as convincing with a dryer based on the power of resistance, but remain satisfactory and profitable for your energy bill . The drying technology smooth Sensitive Drying was especially designed for treating textiles in the best way, but press them against the walls of the drum.

With this dry pump machine to heat Bosch, you get different programs, and you can enjoy a freedom in your use: whatever your habits and preferences in clothing care, you will appreciate to have this dryer efficient machine.

Warning, if you buy this appliance, it will prepare you for the regular maintenance tasks because the alarm requesting to wash the filters is activated quite easily. However, the presence of the lint filter will simplify your task. Among the disadvantages of this CAP dryer, we find the lack of a drying time selector and interior lighting, two assets that we like on other references present in the tray.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

It does not wrinkle the laundry and removes moisture while gently dry heat pump laundry Bosch WTH FF 85290 delivers the same initial promises that all devices in its class. However, be aware that this reference works with AutoDry technology. Specifically, several sensors are sought to measure the moisture content of the linen. Since it is low enough, the cycle is stopped: you save maximum energy, using the device only when it is necessary.

Compared to a Class A device, for example, you are – on average – 20% additional savings with this certified reference A ++. The PAC-dryer is an investment purchase, but significantly reduces your bills while enjoying very comfortable features. Among them, the interior lighting, ideal not to forget those famous socks that you tend to leave the bottom of the drum!

LCD screen display allows you to quickly and easily get all the information for you. In addition, you have several witnesses to never ignore an important fact: an indicator letting you filter saturation, or another to know that the container is full. Consumption of 236 kWh per year, capacity of 8 kilograms or more Sensitive Drying system for dryer with a slight flow of hot air: this dryer has everything a top model, but to offer it to you he will pay the price!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

This dry pump machine to heat 80 million Samsung DV 5010 KW works with Samsung Heat Pump technology designed to facilitate energy saving and taking care of the laundry. The choice of installing a humidity sensor allows the camera to automatically stop when the textiles are dry. This way, you use the least amount of electricity, while achieving significant drying results.

To increase the performance of the dryer, Samsung has introduced a new filter at the door: it retains more of textile fibers and protects the machine from these small items that may hinder the proper functioning of the mechanism. With this innovation, the condenser filter has been removed. It will take less often access the condenser to clean, which greatly simplifies maintenance of the dryer. In addition, if you are not the type to think systematically cleaning, a headband tells you every time you need to wash the filter door or the condenser. A great initiative to help in the maintenance of the dryer.

In terms of performance, the annual consumption of 235 kWh is comparable to that of the other models of the same type. The noise level of 65 dB also remains satisfactory. However, we note that the condensation efficiency, denoted B, is slightly less than some models yet in the same price range.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

If you want a dry pump dryer heat can facilitate energy savings, the Featured VSF 57 M 2 DS will probably suit you, with annual consumption of 211 kWh / year. It is rated A ++, as its power requirements are low. While considerable efforts have been made by the manufacturer to develop a heat pump operating with the least amount of current, no concessions were made on other qualities we search CABG dryer.

To start, you’ll choose between 16 different programs to start the drying process adapted to the textiles used. Even if you normally wear more sensitive materials other than cotton, you no longer have to fear that your favorite outfits shrink or lose their luster. To optimize your budget if your contract includes electricity peak hours, you also have the freedom to operate the delayed start up to 24 hours!

For your comfort, the Vedette brand has established an internal drum lighting. You can also, through witnesses bright, get all kinds of information: end of cycle, time remaining, filter indicator, full tank indicator. Unfortunately, if you have a large family, you may regret capacity 7 kg, which is limited when one makes more machines per week. The sound level, too, can present as a slight weakness, because it still reaches 69 dB.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Looking for the best heat pump dryer for the family? The model Hotpoint AQC9 2F7 TM2 1 could meet your expectations for a simple enough reason to understand: it has a capacity of 9 kg load. For reference works with a heat pump, graze the 10 kg is a real highlight, as many will rather place between 7 and 8 kg.

In addition, energy rating A ++ allows us to understand that this device is as an excellent alternative to use less electricity daily. If you do not like ironing, you’ll appreciate the functionality that simplifies this step by removing wrinkles. Other extras caught our attention: Anti Allergy cycle is ideal for all those prone to skin problems. Validated by the British Allergy Foundation, this system eliminates many irritants such as pollen, mold, bacteria or mites.

The fresh program will also seduce you. It allows you to refresh a dry cloth in twenty minutes: it’s perfect for an outfit that has been brought once and you want to clean summarily. Still, if the innovations of the Hotpoint brand are rather interesting, we regret the absence of witnesses to inform you of the time remaining – or the need to spend cleaning the filter, for example. With 70 dB meter, this reference does not rank among the quietest. We can finally remember that the drying time of approximately 235 minutes is long enough.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Looking CAP laundry dryer that never disappoint you in terms of performance? The Miele T 8164 WP model, rated A + in terms of energy consumption, also benefits from an A rating to the condensing efficiency. With annual consumption of 257 kWh per year, it is not the less greedy in its class. But the relationship between pulsed energy and efficiency made is more than satisfactory!

Through the Perfect Dry system, drying is optimal in a minimum of time, even at full load. A vibration system increases the stability of the device while reducing noise – although it still reached a level of 67 dB sound. The interior drum lighting is particularly thought to remember everything after each wash. In addition, the shape of the drum is specially designed to reduce friction during drying. All these innovations for your comfort.

Rather expensive, CAP dryer could provide more good points: we highlight the absence of starting and end deferred, and the aspect of “not connected” to the unit, even as other brands have developed more sophisticated interfaces to a slightly lower price.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The loading capacity of the dryer Siemens WT 47W490 FF will seduce you if you have a large family or children in infancy. Indeed, you can dry up to 9 kilograms of laundry. In the world of these very sophisticated devices and saving energy, we rarely find better. Meanwhile, enjoy the sound level of 65 dB. Of course, it is far from complete silence, even difficult parameter to get on such a product. But this reference ideally place in our ranking of CAP dryer least noisy.

If you do not have much time before you, you can apply the Express program, for drying 2 kg of laundry in 40 minutes. In addition, you have no need to fear if you do not have time to devote to the cleaning of the condenser. The latter is washed thoroughly several times a cycle! Through the large, intuitive screen, you can choose all the parameters of your drying (running, temperature, speed of rotation, the programmed end of cycle, etc.). With his performance condensation denoted A, dryer amaze you with its effectiveness.

To further optimize its electricity bill, the delayed start function is not available on this model, which naturally is a small inconvenience that we mean you! Also, you will notice the excellent condensing performance is offset by a slightly higher power consumption (259 kWh / year). Finally, since the price of this dryer is not anecdotal, we would have enjoyed more extensive efforts on the part of Siemens, particularly in terms of innovation.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: a good investment for your finances and the planet

If you use regularly a conventional dryer condensation or evacuation, you know that its energy consumption weighs on your electricity bill. This is why our comparison could arouse your interest: the dryer with a heat pump is much less energy intensive and, in parallel, less harmful to the planet.

Naturally, they are also more expensive to buy than their main competitors. We recommend you do not necessarily look for the best dry heat pump machine, but rather one that perfectly fits your needs. For example, need to invest in a device capable of drying 9 kilograms of laundry if you live alone or in couples.

Our guide you liked and you were helpful? Do not hesitate to make it known around you, especially to those who have not yet grasped the full potential of dryer heat pump. If you have questions, you can contact us, we will gladly help you.