Best Blender

Comparison: Choosing the best blender in 2020

In recent years, it has evolved and offers to whip your preparations, chop meats or squeeze your purees.

So what is the best blender today?

To answer this question, here are all the essential information and a comparative guide to ten models!

What is a blender?

Comparison: Choosing The Best Blender In 2020

The blender is a device to the elongated shape. It is a walk on top of which are the motor and gear selection. At the other end, a removable or fixed foot
equipped with blades. After connecting mixer, simply keep the top and plunge the foot into the preparation. Depending on the power, time and quality of the mix will vary.

The blender is a mobile accessory. When you use it, you have the ability to move and thus to have access to the edges of your container. This freedom of movement allows you to get a perfect and homogeneous mixing unlike the blender which is a fixed device.

An apparatus 4 in 1

This is a novelty in recent years. We knew the blender with removable foot that facilitated storage and cleaning. Now up at the foot masher, grinder foot and leg whip. How it works ? It’s very simple, you replace the foot containing the blades by foot with whisk attached to the end. The use remains the same, only the accessory changes and it is very convenient. Your device is versatile.

Depending on the model, you have the ability to chop, squeeze puree, whisk preparations or knead pasta. Some devices offer all the accessories, other mini chopper or a whip only. Their effectiveness varies. It depends on their material. The accessories can be plastic, metal or stainless steel. Their appearance also changes (mini chopper bowl 0.5 or 0.7 L). This is according to your needs, expectations and budget that the choice will be made.

Why buy a blender?

To maintain a healthy diet

The blender can eat healthily and quickly by simply learning to prepare soups, juices or vegetable purees. It is low in calories, rich in water and perfect for staying in shape. A book “Detox Soups, my health cure,” Dr. Florence Solsona and edited by Larousse, offers a hundred tasty soup recipes and light to stay in shape. Easy and quick to prepare, these recipes are full of vitamins, fiber and minerals (magnesium, calcium).

Know that there are books combining the virtues of many fruits and vegetables to really learn to treat with these foods. This is the case of the book of Dr. Jean Valnet “Healing with vegetables, fruits and cereals,” which presents 130 trainers foods (grains, fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables). It provides readers with recipes prepared with these foods (sauces, juices, jams, seasonings and soups).

Because you mix hot

Because it’s convenient and inexpensive

The blender is a device at affordable price. Plus you save on many devices is as versatile. This is very useful, especially in baking. Why ? Because you can do without an electric mixer. Take for example the recipe for lemon pie. You will need a blender to chop the lemon zest present in your mix but you will also need a whisk to make a foam. Please have a versatile blender and you only have to juggle different feet to whisk, blend and mix!

The different types of mixers plunging

Comparison: Choosing The Best Blender In 2020

It is a device equipped with a foot only to mix. This foot can be plastic (more brittle and less resistant to heat), metal or stainless steel. It has blades that ensure mixing. The number and shape of the blades vary according to models. Each brand has its own technology.

The top of the foot includes the engine, therefore, the power of the device. 180 W to 800 W, you’ll be spoiled for choice and price. Other variable criterion, the number of speed (1 to 16) and the turbo function which may be present or not depending on devices. According to the characteristics of each model, the blender will be more or less efficient and robust.

mobile device

First thing the blender, it moves! You can dip your foot in preparation, launch the mix then move the camera in the background or on the edges of the container. Mixing is managed and homogeneous.



He mixes, chops, prepared soups, purees, sauces, smoothies, up egg whites, knead bread, mixture preparation or performs a batter. Many opportunities are now available with accessories that make it up.

Affordable price

The price range varies between 20 and 120 euros. Below 20 euros, the blender is usually full of plastic. Beyond 80 euros, the models are efficient, versatile professionals. The blender is therefore not a big expense. On the contrary, the more versatile, more you save on other devices.

Easy to handle and store

Less powerful than a blender

It is rare for plunging mixers have a power greater than 800 W. This is less than the blender that can reach 1200 or 1400 W. This power level can grind foods such as nuts and some grains.

sometimes short cord

This is the disadvantage of the blender. The power cord is not long enough. It should connect to side of the vessel to avoid danger.

With a blender, you mix hot liquids. Beware of splashing, you may be burned. Some devices are equipped with technology to limit them. If you plan to prepare soups, prefer this purchase!

What budget provision for a blender?

Comparison: Choosing The Best Blender In 2020

What to consider is your need. Rather soup? Mash potatoes ? Smoothie? It is against these criteria that you find a suitable blender.

If your first urge is to change your diet by cooking homemade soups, you need a blender competent enough for mixing hot preparations. It is not necessary to buy a super powerful blender, 500 W suffice. However, prefer a foot stainless steel or metal. A plastic foot is less resistant to heat. Count 40 euros on average.

A mixer and a drummer

These are usually the two most useful features. The whip is the accessory constituting the drummer is indispensable in the kitchen. It helps fight preparations, mix, edit egg whites to make a mayonnaise. 2in1 This unit can be sold from 50 euros. Note however that it is rare to find these accessories only. It is often equipped with a mini-chopper surcharge.

This device has a power of 600 to 800 W. The foot and the blades are stainless steel. It has multiple speeds including a turbo function. The whip can be stranded and the mini-chopper sizeable capacity. Finally, it has a ricer and guarantee a minimum of two years parts and labor. It takes 80 euros minimum for this range of luxury. It is recommended for daily users and those who wish to increase revenue.

How to choose a blender?

Essential criteria are taken into account before launching. Among them, the power, the head of the mixer, the number of blades, speed, weight, accessories or the cord length.

Engine power

It varies between 180 and 800 W. The higher it is, the more the device highly efficient and short mixing time. This power can be regulated through a speed variator. This minimizes splashing.

The head of the mixer

It can be plastic, metal or stainless steel. The plastic is less expensive, however it is less resistant to heat. It can melt and give off a plastic smell. Prefer the metal or stainless steel. It is more expensive but also more robust. You will retain your blender for many years.

Quality knives

The power is not the only consideration for a successful mix. Also important is the quality of the blades. The number and shape. Curved, serrated, stainless steel, which is preferred is that they are in stainless steel.

The accessories

Design and usability

Weight is an important criterion. The blender is a device that is worn on the hand. Lighter it is, the better! Do not exceed 1.5 kg for regular use.

Many colors are available. If your device is plastic, prefer black. The white color!

The stand can be removable or fixed. When fixed, the device is more resistant. However, the removable foot allows acquire a multifunction device, clean the blades in the dishwasher and put away easily.

The cord length is the last criterion. The longer it is, the more usage is easy and secure.

How to use a blender?

Comparison: Choosing The Best Blender In 2020

Very easy to use, small appliance still remains multifunctional. Small presentation of what it is possible to run!

Prepare mashed cauliflower (foot masher)

Prepare a mayonnaise in 5 minutes (foot-whisk)

Use the foot with the whip. For best results, make your mixture in a tight container and above.

Prepare tomato soup with black olives

How to clean and care for her blender?

Any appliance must be maintained. This ensures longevity. Most mixers have removable legs plunging. This part can be inserted into the dishwasher or cleaned by hand. It is still important to follow some recommendations!

Comparison: our favorite plunging mixers

Ranked among the five essential appliances in the winter by the Parisian, the blender is still an essential element in the kitchen. How to navigate among the many models? What is the best blender among them? To put you a comparison and ranking of ten models! Features, strengths, little more, accessories, prices, all information is here!

Comparison: Choosing The Best Blender In 2020

What specific for this device MSM66155 Bosch? Its power is 600 W. It is equipped with a mini-grinder, a mixer foot stainless steel, a whisk stainless steel one foot masher and stainless steel blades. 12 speeds are available and a measuring cup with lid completes the lot!

What strengths for this model? The mixer foot is stainless steel, stronger than the plastic. This foot stainless steel combined with a high power, quality blades and many accessories are assets size.

Why buy this product? For its excellent quality / price and robustness. You can use it every day without fear that he wears. The manufacturing materials are solid and quality. In addition, this blender has a detachable foot can be replaced by the many accessories. The whip stainless steel allows mixing of the solid preparations such as baking brownie pecan example!

Most ? The guarantee period is two years. The parts as labor, that is proof of quality!

A disadvantage ? There is no on / off button. To start the mixer, keep your finger on a button.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device Moulinex DD833810 Optitouch? Its power is 600 W. It consists of a metal foot, four stainless steel blades and a measuring bowl of 800 ml. Several accessories are provided with the device: a mini-chopper with a capacity of 500 ml and a multi-stranded whip. It also has 16 speeds and Turbo function.

Most ? The whip stranded. This whip is renowned pastry. It provides light sauces and whites farms.

A disadvantage ? The device contains a lot of speed! Sometimes difficult to navigate!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

What are the characteristics of this blender Bosch MS87165? The apparatus is made of metal. Its power is 750 W and the mixer foot has 4 blades Blade Quattro Pro stainless steel. The foot is stainless steel and removable. It can be replaced by the many accessories available namely, mini chopper, a foot-foot whip and a potato masher. The unit also has 2 speeds and turbo function.

Its strengths? Its high power and technology Quattro Pro Blade blades that allows a perfect mix, homogeneous and realized quickly.

Why choose this model? Because he is very competent! It is robust, fast, powerful and versatile! He mixes perfectly with the stainless steel blades. His foot also stainless allows mixing hot preparations without fear of plastic smell or melt it. The foot ricer will be very popular with parents of young children. With it, you can develop multiple and various recipes of mashed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). Stock up on vitamins!

Most ? The accessory ricer. You will find the taste of homemade soups with vegetables and mashed potatoes!

A disadvantage ? The price is higher. The advantage is that you will keep for years!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Aicok LB2104F? Its power is 800 W. 12 choice of speeds and turbo function are available. The apparatus consists of four stainless steel blades, mini chopper bowl with a capacity of 500 ml and a whisk foot. Also provided with the appliance blender bowl 700ml with spout, lid and non-skid feet.

Its strengths? Its full accessory kit (mini-chopper, mixer foot and leg whip) associated with a high power of 800 W. The mixer is fast and efficient. Within minutes to prepare a soup.

Why buy? Because it is multifunctional! Complete and powerful, you can whip preparations, beat egg whites, elucidate sauces, soups make, mix, chop meat, mix vegetables. Easy to use and lightweight, the bowl with spout is very significant. Prepare your smoothie in the bowl and serve! It is simple and efficient !

Most ? The foot lock. This secures the device during mixing. Another advantage is the spout of the measuring cup for ease of use and the lid for easy storage.

A disadvantage ? Splashing. The device is powerful, be careful when mixing hot food. Start with a low speed and then increase to progressively.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Kenwood HDP402WH? Its power is 800 W. It is equipped with a mixer base metal and 3 stainless steel blades. In addition the mixer foot, mini chopper with a capacity of 500 ml, a metal balloon whisk, a foot extra wide for soup and a measuring bowl with spout and lid feeder capacity of 700 ml. Last, the device has a speed controller and a turbo function.

Its strengths? The extra wide foot for soup. Designed to mix in a pot, it is flared and allows not damage the nonstick bottom of your container. Another advantage is its stainless steel blades and high power.

Why buy this model? For its quality / price. It is cheap given the opportunities it offers and the quality of its materials. Composed of several accessories, the device is versatile. It beats, whips, mixes, chops and mixes. The foot is made of metal, the blades are stainless steel. It is an investment that allows you to find a balanced diet for less!

Most ? His price. The device is so profitable that it becomes almost essential.

A disadvantage ? The holding elements. Over time, the feet tend to max out harder.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Kenwood HDP306WH? The power of the unit is 800 W. The foot is made of metal, the blades 3 are stainless steel. A speed is available as well as a turbo function. Several accessories complete the product: a foot masher, a balloon whisk and a measuring steel bowl.

The strengths of this blender? Its three blades. They are stainless steel and offset in height for maximum efficiency. Moreover, the ribs placed on the mixer foot allow to bring the preparations on the blade. Mixing is homogeneous and liquid mixture!

Why buy? Because it is perfect for multiplying preparations. Easy to use, you can enjoy its optimal power for mixing, chopping and beat your preparations quickly and efficiently. With its non-slip and foot splash blender, you mix without risk of burns! Last asset, the ribs of the mixer foot drive the food on the plates. Simple and efficient !

One more ? The foot mashed extra large! Perfect for crush vegetables and potatoes. It does not scratch the bottom of your pots or their non-stick coating. Prepare your baby jars!

A disadvantage ? No mini-chopper included with this model.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features of this device MSM66020 Bosch? Its power is 600 W. The apparatus consists of a plastic foot. This foot is removable and has 4 blades Blade Quattro
sharp and stainless steel. 12 speed with a turbo button are available. Also provided, mini chopper and a measuring cup with lid.

What are its strengths? Its Quattro Blade knife very sharp. He mixes to perfection. Another strong point, the power of 600 W and the turbo function.

Why buy this product? Because it is effective and inexpensive. It is efficient thanks to its 4 stainless steel blades. It is fast thanks to its output of 600 W. The mini chopper diversifies revenue. For example you can make a soup with tomato and olives. The olives are finely chopped and evenly. This blender is lighter and easy to use.

The more of this model? Comfort ! The mixer foot slip and with the Antisplash technology. The potential for splashing are limited which is very reassuring when you mix cooked vegetables.

A disadvantage ? The central mounting of the mini-chopper is in any plastic as the foot. It’s fragile and delicate when the food is hot.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

His point? Accessories that enable many preparations. The whip to mount the egg whites and mix preparations. The trouble is useful in baking / pastry. You could for example prepare bread dough.

Why buy? Because it is a 3in1 device. It is cheap and you still save on the purchase of an electric mixer. With it, you can prepare many recipes. Soups, smoothies, egg whites, sauces, vegetable puree, bread dough, pancake, the device is versatile! It is a valuable food and economic aid. You save time, you save money and space. No need to lug with multiple utensils, the device is 3in1. It is lighter making it easier to use.

Most ? Its non-slip grip. The soft touch coating apparatus facilitates handling.

A disadvantage ? The base mixer is plastic. It can melt and give off a plastic smell when mixing hot preparations.

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model MQ300 Braun Multiquick 3? Its power is 550 W. The unit provides 2 speed levels. It is equipped with a removable plastic base and a glass mixer with a capacity of 0.6 L.

Its strengths? Its very attractive price. The advantage is that it is cheap and still has a power of 550 W and blades resistant stainless steel!

Most ? His Powerbell technology. The mixer foot is shaped like a bell which limits the projections.

A disadvantage ? The foot is made of plastic and the apparatus does not have attachments.

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Moulinex DD100141 Turbomix More? The power was 350 W. It is equipped with a plastic base and a suspension ring. His foot is removable which makes cleaning easier and to switch the dishwasher. It also contains a measuring jug 800ml. Ideal to prepare mayonnaise, sauces or creams.

Why buy? For its simplicity. Easy to use, affordable, it allows you to prepare soups, gazpacho, compotes, milkshakes, fruit coulis and even jars of baby. Cook steamed carrots, mix them and you get mashed carrots. It’s good and it’s rich in vitamins! His foot is detachable, so you can spend in the dishwasher and put away easily. It is also equipped with a suspension ring, so you can hang in your kitchen.

The more of this device? The product is repairable 10 years! This is a great asset knowing that the price is already very interesting!

A disadvantage ? His foot is plastic. It is not practical to mix boiling preparations. It can melt and give off a plastic smell.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To conclude

Choosing a blender requires making a list of your needs and expectations. Then you can rely on our comparison to find your happiness. Have you researched the best blender? You still hesitate? Talk to your neighbors, share our opinion and let us yours!