Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Comparison: Choose the best bagless vacuum cleaner in 2020

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

A real revolution in the world of appliances, bagless vacuum cleaner has already attracted many families: it is convenient and really easy to empty.

No need to provide a reserve of bags never fail, just pour the container into the trash can continue to do housework.

How to choose the object that will accompany you in different daily tasks?

We present a comprehensive guide to help you find the best bagless vacuum of the moment.

All about bagless vacuum cleaner, innovative and increasingly popular!


The bagless vacuum cleaner, what is it?

Comparison: Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

Did you know that the first vacuum cleaner was a model bagless? At the time, a fabric used to filter dust … When it was too dirty, it was enough to shake him and the rest, which was flying haphazardly dirt. Faced with this major problem, the bag appeared as a practical and hygienic solution. Yet year after year, the creators of vacuum cleaners continued to think of a simpler system.

Shortly before the 2000 James Dyson encourages the return of bagless vacuum by establishing a particular process, through the cyclone technology. In the tray, dust no longer comes to stick to the filter: it rotates. The first vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology is transparent, each can be seen that the dust is rotated and, therefore, it adheres not so quickly to the filter. Since, this habit has been preserved since in appliances, tanks are mostly transparent.

Today, more and more French people are opting for bagless vacuum cleaner. Nearly a vacuum cleaner sold two would be a bagless model, according GIFAM. To make their products even more attractive, manufacturers continue to expand their features: they are less noisy, more and more easy to handle – and gradually go up in range. We now find bagless at all prices, designed by various brands. To ensure you make a profitable purchase, we recommend you take the time to read this buying guide.

Why buy a bagless vacuum cleaner?

First, the vacuum cleaner bag is without a greener product than its main competitor on the market, with the vacuum cleaner bag. Delete a consumable is always beneficial for the planet – again, this is a saving for users who no longer need to go to the store to buy bags and make their stocks.

In terms of efficiency, we can not say that the bagless vacuum cleaner is actually more efficient than the vacuum cleaner with bag: there are more or less powerful models and products in all range of levels. However, we know that these devices can have the same claims that models with bag: hurricane strength enables a very satisfactory level of aspiration.

With the purchase, on a comparable range, the bagless vacuum cleaner can sometimes be slightly more expensive than the vacuum cleaner with bag. However, with real benefits, it easily seduces households and becomes increasingly coveted. We stress the ecological solution of this asset and we also draw your attention to the possibility of purchasing models in all price ranges, depending on your budget and your expectations (less than 100 € more than 400 € ).

The different types of bagless

Technology: mono-cyclonic, double cyclone and multi-cyclone

To separate dust from the air, it is often biases the mono-cyclonic technology. The latter works with a centrifugal system: the majority of the dirt sticking to the walls and fall into a bag – the uncollected particles are retained by the filter. By choosing a product leveraging the single-cyclone technology, it is expected to clean the filter frequently to maintain the effectiveness of the device.

Other devices select a double or multi-cyclone solution, developed by James Dyson. With a plurality of cyclones, dust circulate more easily in the reservoir – including very small particles. You will understand the advantage of this device: it allows to avoid using a filter and generally provides good suction capacity.

The form: or canister vacuum cleaner brush

Comparison: Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

The bagless vacuum cleaner may be in the form of a canister vacuum. He has wheels to be transported from one room to another. It is also used simply in an apartment in a house, but be aware that it takes a little place, which involves having minimal space for storage.

The bagless upright vacuum cleaner is another widespread alternative. Traditionally, it is a model that works wirelessly on battery, which provides greater mobility and greater practicality. We consider this solution as more maneuverable and lighter, knowing that these devices are generally more compact and thus easier to store. For small apartments or as a supplementary product, this choice is really advisable.

The hand bagless

In the sphere of bagless vacuum cleaners, there are also a number of models “hand.” You will necessarily appreciate for ease of use: they are really ideal for cleaning small accidents everyday or bring some cleanliness in the car. Naturally, given their size, it is less powerful products, the duration of autonomy usually does not exceed 20 minutes.

Perfect for washing the crumbs on the table, to remove dirt from the couch or to remove pet hair from carpets, the bagless handheld vacuum left an extra product that does not replace the conventional vacuum cleaner , especially in large houses where the amount of cleaning to realize is rather substantial.

The advantages (and disadvantages) of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Comparison: Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

Opting for a bagless operation involves very often to buy a lighter vacuum. Naturally, you will appreciate this quality because it will be less difficult then to clean. In parallel, you have more opportunities to find a compact and fast system to store, which is satisfactory when there is little storage space.

Nevertheless, before you decide to make this purchase, you must consider some disadvantages of bagless vacuum cleaner. If you are allergic to dust, we advise you to empty yourself, because you may encounter some difficulties. Also, in general, these products have a cyclonic system are logically noisier than vacuum cleaners with bag. Finally, if you want a quality model, it will take a little over 150 €: however, you will not need to buy bags later.

What budget provision for a bagless vacuum cleaner?

Our buying guide does not apply to a single range of bagless vacuum cleaners – but is interested in all the products! In this sense, we can present products at very different prices. Difficult, therefore, give you a clear idea of ​​the amount to pay to fit you. In general, if you want a bagless vacuum cleaner cheap, you can make purchases from 60 € in the entry level approximately.

However, if you are looking for more models with more advanced technologies and greater benefits, prices can reach – or even exceed – 400 €. By mid-range, to ensure that rely on a good reference without spending too much money, there are many models between 100 and 200 €. If you bet on this type of product, you avoid the inconvenience of too little quality compromise. And if you have even greater demands, devices with a number of innovations are available for prices ranging from 200 to over 500 €.

For many years it was considered the bagless vacuum cleaner as more expensive than models with bag. In general, for a similar level of performance, bagless units are qualified as more expensive. This idea is today really relevant: the references are more numerous, which leaves the possibility for consumers to find the best bagless vacuum cleaner! For this, you only have to think carefully about their purchase.

How to choose a bagless vacuum?

Comparison: Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

Several criteria can help you choose your vacuum cleaner bag. To begin, we must study the power of the device. This is based on two main criteria, depression and airflow. Depending on the size of your home, you will also need to assess the capacity of the tank, to avoid having to empty it too often. In general, you should choose a larger vacuum cleaner if you have a large home – while you can get away with smaller if your primary booster vacuum.

We also advise you to think in sound of the bagless vacuum cleaner. Indeed, since the difference of 3 dB is observed between two models, this means that one is two times quieter than the other! If you are looking for the best references possible with regard to noise, do not exceed 70 dB. In a different mind, we recommend HEPA filters for people allergic to dust. They hold the majority of particles and mites, which protects you from sneezing fits when emptying the tank! Note that the quality HEPA filters 13 and 14 is comparable to devices used in hospitals, proving their reliability.

Finally, depending on the nature of the tasks, you must wear a minimum of attention to the accessories supplied with the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the different types of soil, it may be useful to have very specific tools in his possession. For hard floors, the brush only two positions. But if you have hardwood floors, use a suitable accessory to prevent scratches will be helpful. Also, carpets and rugs are cleaner after cleaning using the turbo brush. Finally, other small accessories can be useful to the crevice image for fabrics and crevice tool for baseboards and hard to reach places.

How to use a bagless vacuum?

You used our comparative to buy your bagless vacuum cleaner. How to use this new product every day? Here are some helpful tips to better take control of your device and take full advantage! For starters, enjoy the first asset of your new ally household: no need to spend hours searching compatible bags in store, the dirt is collected in a tank you need to clear with ease. Automatically, the use of this device is more accessible and less burdensome daily.

At the time of use, the challenge lies in choosing the right method depending on the nature of the soil. For example, if you clean a rug or carpet, you have to use – at most – 75% of the power of the device, and never again. And the coating is thicker, this advice is important to consider. Specifically, if you mobilize too much power, the suction effect will prevent you from off the dust. So if you notice that it is always complicated to clean, do not hesitate to reduce the power of the unit. In general, we recommend to favor the turbo brush for carpets.

On hard floors, full power is required. In addition, we can set up long hair and stiff brush, for maximum efficiency. Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with a special brush to the floor, which can be a real advantage if your soil is fragile and susceptible to scratches. In parallel, the maintenance of your bagless vacuum will be critical to prolong its life. Thus, between two cleaning sessions, take the time to wash it in good conditions to make it last as long as possible.

Some tips for cleaning and caring for your bagless

Comparison: Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

It is quite possible to increase the life of his bagless vacuum cleaner, by following a few tips to use relatively simple to implement. For starters, do not let dust accumulate in the tank for too long: even if you have opted for a large capacity, it is advisable to empty the vacuum cleaner and cleaning at least twice a year. The entire cleaning, for safety reasons, must be turned off. On the product label, you have to find much information on the process to follow. Do not entrust this work to someone allergic to dust, because it might struggle to achieve this cleaning without sneezing, coughing or having breathing problems.

The maintenance of the filters, for example, should be considered on a regular basis to keep all the performance of the vacuum cleaner. The air outlet filter is cleaned at least once a year, as the motor filter. In contrast, washable filters can be serviced more often: unmount them to the rinse with warm water and leave to dry in the open. Some models are affluent non-washable filters should be replaced occasionally. Finally, since it appears dirty, the dirt container of the filter must also be cleaned.

Fairly regularly, follow the cleaning of different accessories, to prevent them from getting clogged with dirt overflow. Again, you should always work off the power to wash the hose, brushes, bits or the tube. A well-maintained vacuum cleaner will last definitely longer: do not forget to take care of yours, you naturally prolong its life.

Comparison: our favorite bag vacuum cleaners

You do not set your bagless? If you are unsure of the model may be suitable for your family, here is a comparison can help you understand the offer in the universe. Discover our selection of 10 wines with our impressions!

If contact with dust scares you, you will necessarily adopt the innovation of Dyson Big Ball Multifloor +. Indeed, this bagless vacuum is the only ejecting the completely hygienic way dust, without requiring any direct contact. You will enjoy not having to touch the dirt to remove the tank. If the collector is convenient to empty, it is – in parallel – effective for its large size, to accumulate 33% more dust before having to empty it all.

In addition, the system Cyclones Tier 2 Radial please inescapably to its effectiveness. Indeed, thanks to its power, it sucks the microscopic dust, which allows you to better clean the house – and without additional physical effort. Similarly, to simplify your movements, the handle of the tube can be rotated in three directions and articulate 360: you easily control the vacuum cleaner, while enjoying a comfortable freedom in the movements to achieve.

A vacuum cleaner that picks up all alone, that is intuitive to use and guaranteed 5 years: Dyson Big Ball Multifloor + combines the advantages. Naturally, like all products, it may have some disadvantages. Among them, we note a rather high noise level (85 dB) and a heavy weight, which can complicate cleaning stairs, for example.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

First of all, the vacuum cleaner Philips FC9532 / 09 PowerPro Active shows itself as an accessible model, because it is marketed at a price more attractive. Moreover, this low price does not seem to be practiced at the expense of power: the PowerCyclone 4 system, coupled with TriActive + brush facilitates optimum extraction of dust and dirt, including the smallest. The use of technology to separate air and dust allows, even when the tray is already partially filled, maintain a satisfactory suction force.

With this device, you get always a small brush handy. It is easy to mobilize for cleaning fabrics, for example. Another key point will seduce you handle both ergonomic and long. Thanks to its careful design, you can easily reach places to clean your bottom housing peak. Even areas difficult to access become attainable!

If no warning light filling the tank can disrupt the beginning, users get used very quickly and use natural transparency of the container, in order to see whether or not the drain. If you choose this model, you have to think to clean the filter regularly, because it tends to clog. Note also that the wire is not very long: 6 meters, which is enough for a small apartment but limited for larger homes.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The main argument of the Dyson DC33C Origin? Providing a powerful suction, especially on hard floors. To achieve this, the device is manufactured with a patented technology called Radial Root Cyclone. Specifically, all designed to increase the power, allowing to pick up dust and dirt in the shortest time. For you, this product is ideal for cleaning floors, carpets and tiles: all the rooms of the house, regardless of their specific features, are easy to wash with this bagless vacuum cleaner.

In everyday life, you will surely find this product easy to empty. Indeed, you can position it over the trash and press a button: the dust is released automatically, so you do not have to come into direct contact with the dirt. In addition, the effectiveness of the dual position brush with suction control will satisfy you: with stiff bristles, it also removes many traces of mud dry dust, sometimes difficult things to clean with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Generally, it is considered that the dust from floors, with this vacuum cleaner is really excellent. However, it is average – but widely acceptable – on carpets or rugs. Throughout the home, through the Radial Root Cyclone technology, the suction level is similar, although the tank fills. In practical terms, we can fault this vacuum of lacking a storage compartment for accessories.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The vacuum cleaner Philips FC9332 / 09 PowerPro Compact is ideal for small and medium surfaces – the price is more accessible and the device does not compromise on power. The PowerCyclone technology, combined with the TriActive brush, provides an effective suction to clean the floors. Several accessories are provided with a vacuum cleaner, in the optical gain in versatility: the TriActive brush 3 performs cleanup actions simultaneously, knowing that one can also mobilize the parquet brush or brush small fitted to the handle – and the crevice, clipped to the tube.

The filter used on this Philips vacuum cleaner is particularly effective, allowing to maintain clean air throughout the cleaning session. If you are allergic to dust mites, pollen or animal hair, cleaning will be more enjoyable and much less irritating.

Marketed at a truly competitive price, this vacuum cleaner is shown as a very good compromise for low budgets. Indeed, despite its reasonable price, it offers all performance satisfactory. However, the power regulation is not as intuitive as on some models, since a simple hand wheel ensures this role.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Visually, the vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil DD225-0 Rebel 25 ET shows like a really neat product. Bright colors and original curves: it is a device that catches the eye immediately! But in the world of appliances, appearance is not the only criterion that matters. In terms of performance, the presence of a cyclonic suction system ensures constant and rather powerful, knowing that the user can also save power, since the device is classified A.

As for filtering, the results are also very good, because this generates less pollution than others, sold at comparable prices. If you have an allergy to dust you will enjoy using this vacuum cleaner that does not give you the impression of being invaded by mites. Choosing a HEPA 13 filter ensures removal of 99% of dirt in the exhaust air.

At full power, the level of vacuum noise is around 79 decibels: it is not insignificant, but it is acceptable for such a product. Moreover, the lightness of the device makes it rather handy. More convenient still, the presence of a handle and a compartment for storing accessories noteworthy.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To be effective on all kinds of floors, vacuuming Philips FC9722 / 09 PowerPro Expert is affluent of PowerCyclone 6 technology and TriActiveMax brush. Even as some devices show weaknesses on rugs or carpets, harder to clean, it is convenient and rather powerful. In addition, given the need to adapt the power to the type of soil, you will appreciate the presence of a circular button to make adjustments easily.

Choosing a HEPA filter 10 increases user comfort, since allergens are not dispersed in the air. Very often we find that bagless vacuum cleaners leave more or less significant amounts of dirt escape, which pollutes the air quality. This is not the case with the Philips FC9722 / 09, and it is a real strong point! In a different spirit, you will not fail to emphasize the presence of carrying handles. On this model, they are particularly visible and really easy to access.

Finally, if you have lots of carpet or carpet at home, this Philips vacuum cleaner will suit you perfectly. However, if you live mainly on hard floors (parquet, linoleum, tile), you will encounter more difficulties with this reference, which shows its limits on these soils.


– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The main asset of the bagless vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil Bibox is its price: it is very accessible, since the product is among the least expensive market references. The manufacturer describes this model as an efficient, pleasant to use and easy to maintain. In fact, we note the presence of a cyclonic technology that increases the suction power. On hard floors, vacuuming the highest score of the market, “A”.

Although it is sold at low prices, this appliance makes no concessions and knows how to be versatile: whatever the nature of your soil, you can choose. Indeed, it is pledged to a dual position brush compatible with all types of coatings, knowing that it also comes with a special parquet brush, to prevent scratches when cleaning.

For that price, you should not expect anything fancy. Nevertheless, Dirt Devil Bibox performance remain honest and satisfactory. This compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner is not very practical for larger homes, because the power cable is quite short. The efficiency on carpets and other carpets, finally, is limited with this reference. In conclusion, for a small budget and a medium-sized apartment, this is a very good compromise.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Every vacuum cleaner bagless model has a lead argument in its favor. On the side of RO8314EA Rowenta Silence Force Multi Cyclonic, the main quality is proudly announced by the manufacturer: it is the first reference able to combine excellent suction force with a new level of silence. Inevitably, for parents who want to vacuum without waking the children, for example, is a valuable asset! Noise is annoying sometimes that action to clean itself. With a quieter machine, cleaning automatically appears less grueling.

When you vacuum the house with the model Rowenta RO8314EA, life and different conversations can continue without any difficulty! In addition, empty bin is easy and hygienic, since you can press a button to allow dust to escape, without having to come into direct contact. This reference has a dual head position especially adapted to hard floors, although it can run on the carpet. It comes with several accessories: a telescoping slot nozzle and nozzle to sneak under furniture dishes.

Users often praise the look easily manageable this vacuum. However, they can also, in some cases, point the finger sleeve weight: it is quite heavy, which is a disadvantage when to go upstairs, for example. We recommend this product especially for people living in habitats with hard floors (wood or tile). For carpets and rugs, it will focus on other models.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

If you need a vacuum cleaner relatively versatile, this model may interest you: the H.Koenig AXO900 comes with two useful accessories particularly the brush and crevice tool. In addition, the main brush has two different settings to adapt to many soil types. By using it regularly, you will definitely appreciate the lightness of this device that you wear without difficulty from one room to another.

With a HEPA filter, this product leaves no allergens escape, reducing respiratory discomfort all when removing dust or hair from your pets. The tank, with its capacity of 2 liters is enough large to guarantee some comfort – and you avoid emptying the dust too often. You will certainly notice that suction is more effective on the floors and tiles, rugs and carpeting.

As an extra vacuum cleaner in a big house to clean or housing of a medium to small size, the H.Koenig AXO900 performance is quite satisfactory. It regrets, however, the stiffness of the shaft, which can be debilitating when looking for a product rather flexible and easy to handle.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Marketed in a range of affordable price, the Puppywoo WP9005 shows, at first, like a vacuum cleaner rather sophisticated. If you like the creativity of notes, you are bound to appreciate its original curves and its really neat design. Of course, appearance is not the only criterion: performance side, this provides satisfactory results.

For starters, it has a multi-cyclone system technology, which allows good air circulation in the tank and, therefore, improved suction efficiency. Moreover, the fact of selecting a washable HEPA filter 12 provides the manufacturer the opportunity to have several claims: the air is not saturated by allergens when cleaning and better yet, the filter is rather easy to maintain.

However, we wish to evoke the length of the supply cable, 5 meters. It is limited, since most models offer a long wire at least 6 meters. In this sense, you will appreciate this especially if you do not have to clean parts of a too large area.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: a budget deal and needs

In the market for bagless vacuum cleaners, there are all kinds of products: more sophisticated with more economical, there are easy for all profiles. Specifically, your choice will be oriented according to the amount you can spend and what you want.

To a large house with carpet for example, it will be necessary to look to more expensive models. Conversely, when it merely has a flat floor, can be trusted to references to intermediate performance.

Looking for a more comprehensive expertise to help you buy the best bagless vacuum cleaner? Contact us, we will give more detailed explanations.

And if this guide could help you in your choices, please do read to your loved ones!

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

There is less anxiety over forgetting to drain the vacuum cleaner with a bagless vacuum cleaner so there is a good picture of the soil and contaminants in the cup. It’s time to clear the cup until the soil reaches the filled line. Sounds convenient, huh?

Many versions, however, still have filters that either need to be brushed, washed and completely dry, or removed altogether. Depending on the vacuum cleaner, emptying the dirt cup itself may be a sloppy operation.

Dust sometimes billows back out of the cup, or compacted soil from the bottom of the bottle can also have to be shook or pulled out. However, if you inadvertently sweep anything you need to rescue, it is quickly retrieved from a dirt cup.

Pros: Eco-friendly. Bagless vacuum cleaners have recycled cartridges and, of necessity, there are no containers that end up in the unrecyclable landfill. After you obtain the bagless vacuum cleaner, there is no reason to continue buying in containers to keep the house tidy.

Sticking your fingertips in mud and soil and dealing with the ensuing dusty mess involves draining the vacuum cup. More time consuming. You just take one bag out of a bag and pop in another one. However, bagless cups entail thorough washing and drying.

And worse, you would actually need to disinfect the cup more frequently than you will have to replace a bag. Allergic symptoms are more likely to be induced. An allergic reaction can be quickly set off by the dusty “blowback” from a bagless vacuum filter.

Bagless canister vacuum cleaner

Hygiene matters, particularly when it comes to vacuuming without bags. Thanks to our revolutionary dust isolation method, our bagless canister vacuum cleaners have an outstanding level of hygiene.

You will also enjoy their special user comfort and excellent cleaning quality. Sustainability often means their first-class quality: The maintenance-free exhaust filters save on follow-up costs.