Best Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

We spend 80% of our time indoors. What we tend to forget is that indoor air is on average 2 to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air.

To improve air quality, there is a device, the air purifier.

To help you find the best air purifier for your home, here are all the essential information and a comparative!

What is an air purifier?

A device that hunting dangerous particles

Comparison: Picking The Best Air Purifier In 2020

The polluted air is often invisible and odorless. Also the most dangerous particles are smaller. Why ? Because they enter your body and like to stay in the blood or lungs.

According to WHO, the World Health Organization, the particles to be considered dangerous are 10 microns or less. It is the PM10. There are also PM2.5 not exceeding 2.5 microns. They are produced by cigarette smoke, burning candles, incense, log fires, human activity and cooking fumes. These particles would be responsible for 2 million deaths worldwide annually. Equipping an air purifier that is to be equipped with filters to remove them.

How does an air purifier?

It’s simple, it recycles the air. How? ‘Or’ What ? By sucking, and then filtering it. Once filtered air is purified rejected in the house. These filters can be 4 in number and are usually placed one after the other. Some models like the Dyson Pure Cool Link provides a single filter which has several layers.

How these filters collect particles? A pre-filter removes first thick particles such as hair or pet hair. The air then passes through an activated carbon filter that resists odor, smoke or gas. Third filter, the normalized HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which absorbs 99.9% of fine particles. Some devices have their own technology brand. This is the case of the Rowenta brand that has developed an air purifier with a filter that permanently destroyed NanoCaptur formaldehyde pollutant most dangerous of the house.

Which filters for which pollutants?

The HEPA filter: it absorbs the particles smaller than 10 microns. Knowing that a hair is 60 microns and 40 microns pollen, as saying that these particles are invisible! However, they represent 80% of indoor air.

The active carbon filter absorbs meanwhile said VOC volatile organic compounds. This odor, benzene, smoke and formaldehyde.

The all-in-filter, which consists of several layers. You can not change a single filter is a single block it will replace.

Why buy an air purifier?

To eradicate three categories of pollutants

WHO The figures are alarming. Worldwide, 4 million people die prematurely from diseases related to pollution of indoor air. In question ? The cuisine based on solid fuels. Another figure worrisome, over 50% of children under 5 years by pneumonia deaths are due to the inhalation of dangerous particles in indoor air.

The purifier is a device that allows you to somehow clean the air. Only what pollutants it is important to filter? Three categories exist: chemical nature of the pollutants, biological and physical.

The chemical pollutants are present in furniture, cleaning products, DIY and decorative items. The pollutants are released from their materials and their adhesives, these include formaldehyde.

physical nature of the pollutants emitted by road traffic, burning tobacco, candles or by cooking food and asbestos.

Finally of biological pollutants, bacteria, pollen, viruses, mold. These are the ones that promote the spread of biological agents.

The stamp is observed health effects. What are they ?

Recognized for its benefits on health

Still according to the WHO study, indoor air pollution can cause stroke, pneumonia, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Let’s see what positive impacts air purifiers have filters on our health. HEPA filtration is recommended for asthma and allergies. The activated carbon filter prevents the multiplication of rhinitis, conjunctivitis and irritation of the ENT tract. It especially prevents pollen allergies and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria. The technology NanoCaptur about it absorbs a colorless, formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an irritant but it has mostly been declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The air purifier becomes essential since this pollutant in every home and in high concentrations.

The different types of air purifiers

Comparison: Picking The Best Air Purifier In 2020

The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on its filters. Different brands, different technologies are more or less advanced.

The Philips technology VitaShield

It is an intelligent purification system. Sensors warn you at first the air quality. Then, the pollutants pass through a pre-filter before being absorbed by a multilayer filter, VitaShield system. It consists of a layer of activated charcoal and HEPA two layers. This intelligent, automated technology can filter pollutants from 0.02 microns.

The NanoCaptur filter Rowenta

This is a system that aims to eliminate all traces of formaldehyde in your home. Dust, hair and pet hair goes through a pre-filter. Odors and cigarette smoke passes through an activated carbon filter, dust mites, mold and pollen by a HEPA filter. Last filter the “NanoCaptur” which permanently destroys the carcinogenic pollutant, formaldehyde. This is a patented technology born after 10 years of research at CNRS.

The circular filter Dyson

It consists of three superposed filters in a disc. The HEPA filter is fiberglass. The activated carbon filter consists of two graphite filters. They help to increase the ability to absorb gaseous pollutants and formaldehyde. Once purified air, it is projected through the Air Multiplier technology that guarantees long range.

UV-C lamp H.Koenig

The AIR800 model H.Koenig meets 4 filters. The first three are: the prefilter for dust, the HEPA filter for smoke and the carbon filter for formaldehyde. The fourth is a UV-C lamp composed of a catalyst filter which removes bacteria and germs. This is the ionization is used. The particles are then attracted to fall to the ground.

The filter technology is different from one brand to another. This is not the only element that differentiates the models. Ergonomics varies, power consumption may be higher or lower. Equally important, the sound level of the device, the presence of intelligent sensors or remote programming.

The advantages and disadvantages of an air purifier

Benefits of welfare

Rowenta A German study shows that an air purifier User two sleeps better spent six months of installation. 70% of them breathe better. 68% noted an improvement in their health. So the air purifier is an accelerator wellness.


The air purifier is a device that grew aesthetically. It is lighter, more modern and often highly adapted to current fashion. Some are very discreet, fine, take up little space and give your interior. They can become for some real decorative objects.

Easy to use

The air purifier is an accessible unit. Why ? Because it is very autonomous. The filters are placed behind each other and operate independently. Some devices are equipped with sensors that monitor the air quality and regulate. Others offer night programs. The noise level is so low and the lowest brightness.

Low maintenance

It is a device that requires little maintenance. What is needed is to change filters regularly. When to change? Again, this is very simple, most devices warn you when it’s time to change filters. It can be a light, a notification via an application, a beep, depending models.


An air purifier is a device that costs at least 200 euros. It’s an investment. You will find models to 70 euros, only their technology does not offer as much performance than proprietary systems. This disadvantage is a considerable problem. The price buyers slowing, people may not become aware of their health issue. To choose, it will be necessary to learn properly and make a list of needs.


This is the disadvantage of the air purifier. Sometimes the noise level is 50 dB. If you want to use your device while you sleep, this criterion should be taken into account to not disturb your sleep.

Price filters

It’s imperative. When one team an air purifier, you must regularly change the filters. It is they who ensure your good health. The problem is that their prices can vary between 50 and 90 euros for some. Knowing that it is advisable to repeat this operation every year, it is a bit expensive.

Some purifiers use more than others. The classic air purifier that only contains a HEPA filter consumes little. On the other hand, models with an ionizer, a UV light or a combustion filament
consume much more. For two levels of filtration, the consumption oscillates between 3.5 W and 60 W for five levels, it may be 90 W.

What budget provision for an air purifier?

Between 50 and 100 euros

Comparison: Picking The Best Air Purifier In 2020

At this price, they are simply equipped with three filter devices: the pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. Some troubleshooting models or small devices that can operate through a USB port in a desktop for example. They may have multiple air propagation speeds purified or to silent mode for the night. These are usually compact models.

It is also possible to find models with UV-C lamp. These models have an additional filter, the catalyst filter which removes bacteria and germs by ionisation.

At this price, you will find the most impressive models, the air flow of 170 m³ per hour. Fast and efficient, this range may propose automatic modes, and contain a high performance filter, NanoCaptur. patented filtration system, this technology eliminates 99.95% of fine particles. Another advantage is the number of selectable speeds and silent mode from devices (25 dB).

The disadvantages of this range concern the high energy consumption and price of filters to change.

Around 400 euros

At this price you will receive a smart air purifier. It may be equipped with sensors able to inform you in real time the quality of indoor air. This range can also provide you with a digital display and a timer.

These are powerful devices, high-performance, certified and recommended for people with asthma and allergies. Among the technologies include the VitaShield system from Philips or the circular filter Dyson. Wide Screen, remote control, purification connected, automatic or quick, the choices are wide and the high price.

How to choose an air purifier?

What key points to consider? What criteria to select?


Their numbers differ, their effectiveness also. It is better to be equipped with a device with intelligent sensors and high-performance filters when there is a tendency to develop allergies. It is also advisable to change them regularly. Consider the price when you choose a model. It can vary between 50 and 100 euros depending on model.

The options

Some make the pleasant use, others may be unnecessary. Rely on your needs to choose. No need to invest in a model connected so you will not program your remote device. There are many functions: automatic shutdown, timer, filter change indicator, indicator light, the options are limitless.

The consumption

The purifier is already an expensive device. Add to this the replacement cost and power consumption. The air purifier is a device which can rotate 24/24, day and night automatically. So it can consume a lot if you do not watch certain criteria.

The sound level

If you install your device in a child’s room you need a device offering a silent mode. Some devices may reach 50 dB, this level is very disturbing to sleep. If you want a silent purifier, choose a device offering a sound level of 25 dB.


Like most users, you want to invest in a powerful but discreet device. For this, we must rely on the range the unit is able to cover. It is indicated in m³. Another important point is the ease of use. Generally, the air purifier unit is very accessible. Still, some instruction manuals are not translated in French. Watching therein.

Comparison: Picking The Best Air Purifier In 2020

How to use the device? How long do you make it work? What choose mode?

Where to install?

It can be used continuously, day and night. Simply adjust the mode of operation. The start-up is often very easy to achieve. What is more complicated is knowing which mode to use. There are automatic modes. They save energy and are therefore recommended when the unit runs continuously.

The turbo mode is used when the indoor air contains a very high amount of pollution or cigarette gives off a strong smell of smoke. The silent mode is on prescribed the night.

How to clean and care for its air purifier?

What are the actions to perform regularly to maintain the equipment and ensure performance?

It’s very simple, if you can get the pre-filter unit. Just remove accumulated dust with your vacuum cleaner.

Replacing filters

It differs according to the models. It will rely on the manual. Most devices you by witnesses indicates that it is time to change filters. Know that average, it changes once a year or every two years according to the utility that you make.

It is always advisable to rely on the manual. You’ll also find tips and information via the Internet on the brand website of your purifier or simply via the users.

Comparison: Our favorite air purifiers

You just discovered the primary functions of an air purifier. Which model to choose now? What technologies and options prefer? To help you find the best air purifier, we offer you a comparison based on different brands and systems.

Comparison: Picking The Best Air Purifier In 2020

What specific for this device Levoit LV-H132? The power is 28 W and has three filters and three adjustment speeds. Compact and circular, it also offers a brightness setting.

Its strengths? Its three filters and power. The first filter, the prefilter removes dust. The second activated carbon filter absorbs odors and the last, the HEPA filter removes fine particles, those less than 10 microns.

Why buy this product? For its good quality / price ratio. His power is interesting and three filters are performing. The air purifier also features three speed levels and two brightness settings for a price quite affordable. Easy to use and compact, this model blends easily to the decor. Finally, the circular shape allows to aspirate 360 ​​°.

Most ? The HEPA filter which allows the removal of fine particles and the very appreciable brightness night.

A disadvantage ? The covered field area is only 8 square meters.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device Rowenta PU4020F0 Intense Pure Air? Its power is 30 W. The air flow is 170 m³ per hour and the device can purify up to 35 sqm. It consists of four filters: a prefilter, active carbon filter, a HEPA filter and a filter NanoCaptur. It is also equipped with intelligent sensors, an indicator light indicating the quality of the air, an adjustable air flow and a night mode.

Its strengths? Its smart sensors and NanoCaptur filter. The sensors detect the amount of particulate pollutants in the home and automatically clean the air thereafter. Another strong point is the NanoCaptur filter capable of removing formaldehyde.

Why buy this model? For its excellent purification capacity. In 20 minutes, the apparatus is capable of absorbing large particles, smoke, gas, fine particles and 99% formaldehyde. Intelligent sensors detect the amount of pollution in indoor air and trafficking automatically. The scope is interesting, up to 35 m². A silent mode is also available.

Most ? Its high-end design and light weight.

A disadvantage ? The price of the device and filters to change. It’s an expensive investment.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Dyson Hot + Cool Pure Link? The device has a Jet Focus technology capable of heating the room, of a multilayer filter to purify it, a digital display for monitoring real-time information and a connected mode to control the unit remotely . The device oscillates to provide long-range projection. It is also equipped with a remote control.

Its strengths? The monitoring and automatic adjustment of the air quality based on data recorded by the device. The device reacts according to the air quality of your home. Another advantage is the possibility to fill an internal temperature that the apparatus will handle reaching to heat the room.

Why buy this product? Because it is multi-tasking. It purifies indoor air through its performance filter, ventilates well thanks to its system oscillation and heats the room through the Focus Jet technology and the digital display. The filters are also effective and certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly. Last thing, the camera can be controlled remotely via the app Dyson Link. Easy to use, it is also able to adapt to your nights by staying silent.

Most ? The Dyson Link app for monitoring 24/24 of the air quality. The app provides access to some of the air handling responsiveness. It also allows programming purification at a specific time.

A disadvantage ? The size of the unit. The circular base is wide and the diffuser rises high enough.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Philips AC4072 / 11? The power of the device is 47 W. It consists of intelligent sensors to monitor air quality and a multilayer filter, the filter VitaShield. The device has an automatic mode, indicator lights to reveal the quality of the air. The air flow is 236 m³ per hour.

What are its strengths? Its VitaShield filter capable of removing 99% of the PM2.5 particles (sizes smaller or equal to 2.5 microns), 99.9% toluene and formaldehyde. Another advantage is its intelligent sensors able to measure and control the quality of air.

Why buy this model? For its high performance and outstanding design. The device detects and eliminates pollutants automatically. He is very competent to eradicate the so-called carcinogens such as formaldehyde. It has a silent mode for night and many indicators: warning of air quality and the condition of the filter. Last, you will appreciate its sleek design and great elegance.

Most ? The information on the air quality. Through colors, you are informed of its quality: blue, the air is healthy. Red or purple, the inside air is not purified.

A disadvantage ? The cost of the air purifier and its filters.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Dyson Pure Cool Link? This is both an air purifier and a fan. It is further connected that is to say it can be controlled remotely via the mobile Dyson Link application. It consists of a multilayer circular filter capable of removing 99.95% of particles in the indoor air. It is certified Asthma and allergy friendly.

Its strengths? Its wireless mode that allows you to control the air inside your home directly from the outside. Its certified filters and its dual function “purifier and ventilator.”

Why buy this product? For its connected mode and purification at 360 °. The Air Multiplier technology of the air purifier. It’s a swing that provides long range and distribution throughout the room. Its filtration system eliminates virtually all automatic gaseous pollutants manner, allergens and fine particles. Its online mode will detect pollutants and eliminate even remotely. The application provides you with detailed reports of pollutants in your home.

Most ? Its remote control, its original form and its ease of use.

A disadvantage ? Her size. The device is narrow but very high. Another drawback is its high price and the cost of the filter.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Philips AC3256 / 10? The power of the device varies between 11 and 60 W depending on the methods used. The area covered by the unit is 95 sqm. This model consists of a touchscreen digital display with indicator of quality of indoor air in real time. It is equipped with a multifunctional filter (nanocoating and VitaShield). It also has a night mode, anti-allergenic and automatic.

The strengths of this camera? The nanocoating filter. It is a very thick filter designed to provide excellent purifying capacity over the long term. Other strong point, digital display that reveals in real time and with high precision, the air quality.

Why buy this product? If you have asthma and had a tendency to develop allergies. It has numerous technologies enabling it to perform and to be very specific: digital display, nanocoating filter VitaShield technology, allergy-free mode. With this model, you will feel a great sensation of fresh air at home. It is compact and capable of covering a surface of 95 sqm.

Most ? Its intuitive touch interface. It is a comfort in terms of use and accuracy.

A disadvantage ? Its size and price. The device is expensive as most efficient purifiers but also a deep unit.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device PureMate PM500SEU? Its power is 40 W. It contains 3 bunk filters: a pre-filter, an active carbon filter and a HEPA filter. It also has a timer with 12 settings and has a digital display. The device switches off automatically and includes a remote control.

Its strengths? The timer with digital display and its 3 filters. Dust, hair and pet hair are absorbed by the pre-filter. Odors, gases and cigarette smoke is sucked by the active carbon filter and finally the very fine particles are sucked by the HEPA filter.

Why buy this air purifier? This is a worthwhile investment, it helps you make more breathable indoor air. Simple to start, accessible, secure, replace its filters are also affordable. Last, timer and digital display for ease of use.

Most ? Remote control. It allows remote control. Very handy when one is installed or bedridden.

A disadvantage ? The noise of the equipment at maximum power.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

What are the features of this model H.Koenig AIR800 PureAir +? It has a quintuple filtration (prefilter, active carbon filter, HEPA filter, UV-C lamp, and photocatalysis). It also has an automatic shutoff feature, three speed adjustment levels and 8h of autonomy.

Why buy this product? For its quality / price. Filters are
performance, apparatus is effective, compact and three speeds possible to regulate the discharge of clean air. Simple to use and autonomous, it is more secure thanks to its auto-off function.

Most ? The filter cleaning indicator. It informs you of the component state. Another strong point is the affordable filters. Knowing that change annually, is an asset.

A disadvantage ? The sound level between 30 and 50 dB and the lack of intelligent sensors to detect air quality.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this air purifier Stoga Air Cleaner? It is a small desktop type apparatus. It has a power button, a button to rotate, a USB port and a two-speed knob.

Its strengths? Its pocket size. It is a lightweight and compact that you can take anywhere and connect easily. It captures the smoke, odors and purify the air around you.

Why buy? If you work in open space and you have a tendency to develop small allergies. In offices, some floors are still equipped with carpets and so full of mites and dirt. This small air purifier can therefore help you breathe better. Simple to use, portable, you can take it wherever you go. It will filter out particles and emit a light wind while pivoting.

Most ? It consumes little since it connects via USB. Another advantage is its modern and refined design.

A disadvantage ? Its reach is low and it is not a high performance device. It just helps out.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Daikin MC70L VM? The maximum power of the apparatus is 65 W and the maximum area that can be processed is 46 m². This air cleaner has a filtration system 6 layers and 6 modes rates. The maximum air flow is 420 m³ per hour. The noise level in turn oscillates between 16 and 48 dB depending on the selected speed modes.

Why buy this model? For efficiency and simplicity. This purifier is capable of handling 46m surfaces and access to air flow 420 m³ per hour. 6 its modes, and its filtration system with several layers allow to obtain a custom purification. At night, for example, enjoy the silent 16 dB. Ditto for the power, it varies between 6 and 65 W.

Most ? Versatility: 6 airflow selectable modes, 6 levels of filtration, variations in noise levels and power.

A disadvantage ? This is an air purifier ionizer. Its consumables are not identical to those of other brands on the market and at a cost.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To conclude