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Amazon sells products through companies that have cleverly integrated an innovative way to eliminate excess stock. The trick is making sure certain returns are available for re-purchasing.

But how do you buy Amazon returns, what’s the method? You can read on to discover more.

  • Amazon Returns in 2022: What You Need to Know
  • A liquidation company is the best method to purchase Amazon returns. These companies are B2B platforms that take in merchandise sold on Amazon from the seller so that they can liquidate their surplus inventory. These websites allow customers to search Amazon for products and buy returned merchandise in large quantities.

    Continue reading this article to find out more details about Amazon’s return pallets, their sale, cost and other useful information.

    Amazon Returns: Where are they?

    When purchases are returned to Amazon, they will either go back to the Amazon warehouses or to physical stores.

    When Amazon ends up with a large surplus of overstock (multiple returns of the same item, holiday specials, etc), Amazon will compile their returns into large pallets of inventory, and sell them to liquidation companies.

    Once these pallets are sold to liquidation centers, customers can browse through the liquidation company websites and find Amazon products under the “Marketplaces” or “By Sellers” categories, and purchase them directly.

    How To Buy Amazon Returns In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    Where are Amazon Returns Sold?

    Amazon returns are most commonly sold through liquidation websites.

    These websites provide a list of all the vendors they have on drop-down lists. Here customers can choose to browse for pallets under “Marketplaces” and “By Sell” sections.

    Amazon sells products through multiple liquidation agencies. The following are available:Bstock

    Bstock runs liquidation auctions in multiple countries. However, they only sell Amazon products to the United States and Europe.

    The condition of each pallet will vary per seller. Each lot may be in a different condition, from new or salvaged.

    As each company’s approval criteria differ, each market requires that customers apply for each one separately.

    The shipping costs and delivery options will differ from seller to seller. Many sellers will offer flat shipping rates, some with no charges. Some calculate shipping costs for each pallet.

  • BlueLots
  • BlueLots is a U.S-based company that carries many of the most popular brands in America, such as Amazon. They charge their retailers directly, not like some liquidation businesses.

    You can view your clearance items without creating an account. To view the entire stock, however, customers must first register.

    BlueLots has strict policies for sellers. They must sign an agreement to allow them to sell their pallets.

    FedEx UPS USPS and UPS are some of the available shipping options. Shipping costs depend on the dimensions and weight of each pallet. They are sent by third party freight carriers. The shipping cost usually comes out to around $300-$400 per pallet.

  • There are 888 lots
  • 888 Lots has over 100,000 items, with Amazon return pallets included, and in more than 30 categories. Usually, they work with fixed prices, but customers can negotiate prices with individual sellers.

    For US customers, the 888 Lot requires a valid US resale permit. Non-US customers will require an official business registration.

    Both small and larger Amazon Pallets can be purchased. No minimum order is required, provided customers buy the entire pallet/SKU. It is possible to spend more than you can afford.

    Amazon Pallets sold by 888 Lots are only new. These include an estimate profit for each item.

    They require a flat fee of $12.99 per box for shipping for lots. Other pallets’ shipping costs are calculated by size and weight. There is also the possibility for customers to select their shipping method.

  • BULQ
  • BULQ (USA-based liquidation company) deals directly and with their sellers and customers, including Amazon.

    Their inventory is updated approximately three times daily. The prices of each seller will vary. Some items are fixed while others can be sold on a 24 hour basis.

    BULQ does NOT require registration in order to access their clearance sections. For purchases, however, registration is required. Resale certificates are also required for every customer.

    The company does not accept exchanges or returns on pallets or lots.

    For cases, they charge a flat shipping fee of $30. The freight shipping cost for pallets is calculated based upon weight, dimensions, and distance from the warehouse to customer’s home.

    The only addresses they ship to are in the United States.

  • Amazon Clearance Lots are offered by com for sale via pallets, truckloads, boxes, and trucks. They offer merchandise at varying condition and specialize in apparel, houseware and electronics.

    You can bid at least $100 to purchase them by auction. You can also purchase pallets immediately.

    For buyers to be able to submit a bid, or purchase goods from they must register.

    If you are not a US customer, wire transfer payments will be required.

  • BoxFox
  • BoxFox offers its Amazon and other branded pallets for sale by direct auction to retailers.

    To keep track of live auctions, users may also register for free.

    BoxFox won’t sell Amazon returns or overstock, since they sell only new merchandise. They set appraisal values for each product, but buyers can bid either above or below their set amount.

    They have an asking price for each lot, and any offer made higher than the asking price will automatically be accepted.

    They provide product photos, ratings, market values, etc for all of their on-sale items.

    Every purchase includes shipping costs and a 7% commission.

    BoxFox will not be able to calculate shipping costs on inventory purchased directly from or any other retailer. But, customers can use their website to determine shipping costs.

    These are some of the most highly-rated liquidation agencies for Amazon products. Webretailer also has an extensive list of companies that offer similar services.

    What is the cost of Amazon return pallets?

    Amazon pallets returned by liquidators will have different prices depending on their size and the company from which they are being sold. Each pallet has its own retail value, which customers can bid above or below on.

    Prices can be as low as $1,000 for bulk pallets. This is dependent on quality and market values.

    Additionally, some pallets can be marked as high as $10,000 for their value! But, the price they sell will depend on how many people bid and how long the auction is.

    How To Buy Amazon Returns In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    Is Resale Available for All Amazon Return Pallets

    You can find most Amazon products for resale via liquidation websites.

    However, not all websites list in every category. This means that customers might have to look at multiple websites offering liquidation services to search for the exact products they need.

    For example, customers could not find Amazon pallets of beauty products on, but they could on sites such as 888 Lots.

    The type of stock you require will dictate the area in which your company is going to be located.

    What is the value of Amazon Return Pallets?

    For individuals looking to stock up on reliable products, it is worth purchasing return pallets at Amazon.

    Amazon bulk pallets purchased from reputable liquidation firms will guarantee that your company can carry premium merchandise.

    The pallets may be slightly or fully used and sold for considerably less than wholesalers.

    Learn more by reading Amazon’s Return Policy after 30 Days.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Return pallets may be bought by qualified sellers through placing bids, or purchasing from liquidation companies. Customers can find Amazon products by clicking the “By Vendor,” “By Seller,” or “Marketplaces” option on these websites.

    Amazon pallets can cost anywhere from $1000-$10,000 depending on the marketplace, and are a cheaper option for stocking a business instead of going through traditional wholesalers.

    Amazon sells their returns where?

    Amazon processes returns and sells the returned goods on Amazon Warehouse or to e-commerce liquidation retailers. Although some returned goods may be returned on Amazon, many are shipped on pallets to liquidation companies such as or Direct Liquidation.

    How much do Amazon Return Pallets cost?

    Prices range between $1,000 and $6999 for bulk pallets depending on how high quality the product is, as well as the market value. Some pallets may be valued as high as $10,000. They may sell for less, depending on how many bids are received and the length of the auction.

    Amazon offers a variety of goods for return.

    What are Amazon’s return pallets? Amazon return pallets, pallets consisting of Amazon items that have been returned to them and can be sold for a huge discount to anybody who wants to buy it. Amazon returns can be a great way to make money online by refurbishing or reselling old merchandise.

    Amazon will allow me to buy returned items

    Amazon Returns: How can you purchase them? Amazon customers can return items through liquidation companies, which will save them time and money. B2B platforms allow sellers to accept stock that is not yet available from Amazon and sell it, sometimes at a lower price than the new product.

    .How To Buy Amazon Returns In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

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