Commercials On Amazon Video

Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

Amazon holds a large role in the online e-commerce industry. It offers millions of household goods at the touch of a button as well on-demand streaming and other upgraded technology tools.

  • While watching Amazon Prime, you may have noticed commercials before your favorite shows and movies. Why are commercials there and how do you remove them? Let me tell you what I found out after doing some research.
  • Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Amazon Prime Has Commercials For 2022

    Amazon Prime Video streaming service often features advertisements for IMDB TV, Amazon Prime content, and other commercial advertisements. Customers are becoming increasingly frustrated that there’s no way to disable these advertisements within Amazon Prime Video.

    For more information about Amazon Prime streaming or how to manage your advertising preferences, please continue reading.

    Amazon Prime: What Commercials Will You See?

    Amazon Prime Video has more than just Prime productions. Several partners offer movies and tv shows through Amazon Prime, although they aren’t labeled super clearly.

    This confusion is often caused by the inconsistency of which ads show up where and when.

    While it may seem like an Amazon Prime ad, in reality, it’s a commercial for IMDB TV or other partners like Showtime, Starz, or Lifetime Movie Club.

    Amazon continues to announce new streaming content, including a new deal for exclusive streaming of Universal live-action movies around eight months after they are released in theaters.

    Amazon will need to advertise all its streaming content.

    There are growing reports that Amazon now shows ads during movie/tv programs on its platform for commercial providers (food and drinks).

    Amazon Prive Video can be frustrating for some members. It’s a paid, on-demand service that is much like Netflix but without ads.

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Are You in Control of Amazon Ad Preferences

    Amazon Prime streaming is much like Amazon shopping.

  • Amazon allows you to modify your preferences. To do this, select your device and click “manage your contents”.
  • After you have reached this section, click “remove offered” to edit your account. You will have to upgrade to a Paid account in order to enjoy the benefit.

    But, it only appears to work occasionally after some further investigation. Amazon appears to have the ability to change this setting. This is especially true for Amazon Prive Videos original titles and free IMDB releases.

    It is understandable that this upsets customers, since Amazon has been selling record number of products for the past few decades.

    Update: Prime Video ads are now disabled. If you have found a fix, please comment below.

    Amazon Is the Only Streaming Service With Ads

    Amazon is catching up to Netflix in terms of streaming audience size, and often it comes down to the ad experience and what programs people want to watch.

    Amazon has previews and ads on many streaming services, so it’s not the only option.

    Hulu makes use of ads to lower subscription prices, and Netflix doesn’t have commercials.

    Different membership tiers are available to limit ads. These are popular on most streaming platforms.

    So, although Amazon Prime Video’s commercials for upcoming movies and TV shows may surprise you, these previews aren’t exclusive to Amazon.

    Many streaming platforms have ads at some point, either for related products or movies/TV content.

    It is possible to update your membership. However, it comes down ultimately to the content you enjoy the most.

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

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