Is Aldi Coming To Canada

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

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; 45 years ago




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San Diego, California

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September 15, 1983

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US$15.24 billion


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105.5 million


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It is difficult to expand grocery stores, but it is possible to open new markets.

Aldi, a German supermarket chain, has been expanding beyond its borders for many decades. It first established itself in North America as a store in 1970. However, they now have more than 2,000 locations in America, while their discounted goods remain unpopulated in Canada.

Aldi is coming soon to Canada? Due to the firm’s constant expansion into America, it might surprise people.

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022?

Aldi has no plans for coming to Canada or any Canadian city as of 2022. Market experts have predicted that Aldi will move to Canada in the future, but the company has so far not shown any signs of expansion or issued statements.

You might be wondering why Aldi isn’t going to Canada, or if there’s enough demand for Aldi. I have all the answers.

Aldi Is Coming To Canada!

Aldi has seemingly set itself to conquer the American discount market and ignored the Canadian for a number of reasons.

Aldi’s core business model is based on low prices for everyday food that keeps people’s pantries and kitchens well-stocked.

Aldi is able to keep their prices competitive with smaller chains in the U.S.

However, Canada’s grocery stores already offer a discount or budget option that cuts down on 40 percent of Canada’s grocery sales.

American shoppers might be impressed with Aldi’s grocery prices but Canadians may find it harder to wow them.

  • Aldi’s inability to travel to Canada is due to geography. says there’s a shortage of affordable real estate.
  • Aldi is very serious about its store placement. They even outline some key requirements when searching for new sites via their website.

    Aldi has made it hard for shoppers to believe that they will find success in a market by keeping their operational costs as low as possible.

    Aldi is also following the footsteps of Lidl (or at least their European rival), when it comes to sourcing employees. Lidl actually even went so far as to set up tentative headquarters in Mississauga (outside of Toronto), hire employees and research site possibilities.

    But Lidl then scrapped plans, closed the office and let go of everyone they hired. Lidl eventually opened the U.S. first store several years later. The story might serve as something of a cautionary tale for Aldi.

    Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

    Do Shoppers Want Or Even Need Aldi In Canada?

    Aldi’s marketing machine has been so successful that Canadians want Aldi shops in their discount-oriented country.

  • A shop shopper on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community stated that she usually visits Aldi shops in the U.S., even though she’s from Canada. But the coronavirus closed the borders and made it impossible to do so. This was all she did for Aldi.
  • Reddit commenter: “Desperately waiting it [Aldi] will come to Canada.”
  • Aldi Finds may be an answer to this problem. Canadians have the ability to buy cheap cereals and flours. But Aldi Findings would draw people with character pets, outdoor seating, and exercise bikes at ridiculously low Aldi prices.

    Where Could Aldi Build Stores In Canada?

    Aldi can start off by visiting the Canadian capitals of Toronto and Vancouver. They have combined a population totaling 10.5 million. Canada’s low population density makes it unlikely that Aldi will choose larger cities and more urban centers in Canada, at least initially.

  • (For the record: Canada’s total population density is only four people per kilometer. U.S. density, 36.
  • For more information, see the related posts about Aldi expanding in Las Vegas or if Aldi coming to Colorado.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi won’t be visiting Canada soon and have not shown any signs that they are planning on doing so.

    Aldi moving to Canada from Canada is likely to require some more research and planning.

    .Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

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