Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S

Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S In 2022? (You’Ll Be Surprised)

With its laid back Californian feel and low prices and original goods, Trader Joe’s has gained cult status with the mass with numerous Facebook groups and websites dedicated to the 500+ stores located in 43 states.

  • Aldi may be the owner of this supermarket giant. Is Aldi the owner of Trader Joe’s grocery store? Continue reading to find the truth.
  • Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Aldi Will Own Trade Joe’s in 2022

    Aldi is the owner of Trader Joe’s. However, it’s not the Aldi brand that North American shoppers are used to. Aldi Nord has Trader Joe’s. He was formed after the death of the Albrecht Discount German chain. Aldi Sud oversees Aldi US operations.

  • You’re not alone if you need a little bit more explaining on that matter, so stick around for the fascinating history lesson and some comparisons between Trader Joe’s and the Aldi we know and love in the US!
  • Do There Exist Two Aldi’s in the World?

    Two Aldi entities exist. Before we get to the specifics of which Aldi company took over Trader Joe’s, let’s first understand a bit more about the Albrecht family’s history.

    It is interesting that the Albrecht matriarch founded the first family grocery store in Essen in early 1900s. But, after two World Wars and a deteriorating economy, Germany was in dire straits. The Albrecht brothers Theo und Karl, who returned from war, took control of the business.

    They saw that the situation was dire and the brothers decided to create their own niche by selling pantry products at very low prices. After the company’s growth, multiple shops were opened across Germany.

    The brothers were good friends until 1960, when they couldn’t agree whether to sell cigarettes. Theo was in favor, but Karl didn’t like the idea, believing it would attract shoplifters .

    Theo was given control of Aldi Nord. Karl was in charge at Aldi Sud.

    Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Aldi Nord – When did Trader Joe’s become Trader Joe’s?

    Aldi Sud ended up expanding to the US in 1976, which is significant to note because within three years, Aldi Nord had acquired Trader Joe’s.

    We can guess that they wanted an entry point to the States that didn’t confuse customers by sharing a name and chain.

    Joe Coulombe, founder of Trader Joe’s (yes there is a Joe!) founded the business in 1979. His business was sold to Theo Albrecht who is the CEO of Aldi Nord.’s author reached out directly to Trader Joe’s, in an attempt to understand how closely Aldi Nord’s operation and Trader Joe’s’. TJ’s rep replied that both organizations operate independently.

    Aldi Nord’s subsidiaries include Trader Joe’s. However, it operates independently.

    What’s the Difference Between Trader Joe and Trader Joe?

    Theo Albrecht made the California chain a great investment by sharing some background information about Trader Joe’s.

    Joe Coulombe was a Stanford University graduate and founder of Trader Joe’s. Coulombe started Trader Joe’s in 2006 after working at convenience stores and drugstores. Coulombe acquired six Pronto Markets, which he was managing.

    This was the 1950s. In the intervening years, Coulombe had changed up his business model, making his stores stand out amidst the plague of 7-Elevens with unique and eclectic finds.

    The chain was renamed Trader Joe’s during the 1960s to honor Trader Vic’s, a Los Angeles-area tiki restaurant. Shortly after that, Aldi Nord made their offer.

    You can see why. Coulombe’s business model went beyond just finding random items and throwing them together.

    Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    He curated expensive goods from discontinued items or overstocks, so he could save money and pass it on to the customer. Does this sound familiar to you?

    Whether or not that type of product (high-end/gourmet foods at low prices) made the Aldi Nord purchase of Trader Joe’s intentional, today it’s one of the biggest draws for both Aldi Sud and Trader Joe’s stores, and part of the reason middle-to-upper-class shoppers flock to both.

    Is it the Same Thing that Aldi And Trader Joe sell?

    While some claim that Trader Joe’s and Aldi US source their store label products from some of the same wholesalers (so far we haven’t found any direct evidence of that), the two stores do carry some similar items, and in one instance, it appears that Aldi might have copied.

    The most famous example is Trader Joe’s cult favourite Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. They launched it in 2017. Aldi’s own version was released two years later under their Stonemill seasonings labels, and simply called Everything Bagel.

    There are other similar products, though, like cheap wine (Trader Joe’s sells Two-Buck Chuck, while Aldi has their Winking Owl brand for about $2.50/bottle), fancy-looking cheeses, naan bread and almond butter.

    Aldi’s inventory may not have enough space or be designed to carry more of these items. Trader Joe’s however carries a wide range. Think of granola and fruit spreads with pickles or pickles.

    However, Trader Joe’s pantry staples are lighter than Trader Joe. A quick online search of Trader Joe ” For the Pantry ” pages reveals very few useful basics. Their 5-lb bag of all-purpose flour sells for $3.99, while the same item sells for $1.15 at Aldi.

    Yes, there is some overlap in product offerings between the two; they both compete for those disposable income dollars, and they have both made it their mission to sell at surprisingly low price-points.

    But it could be said that Trader Joe’s and Aldi occupy two very different niches, while veering over into each other’s lanes once in a while.

  • Aldi sells all the essentials of grocery shopping, plus some “fun” extras. Trader Joe’s stores are more like one big store that has endless supply of extras.
  • Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Do Trader Joe’s and Aldi have a better taste than Joe?

    Aldi’s inventory is 90 percent store label, and Trader Joe’s 80 percent. This leaves many people in doubt about how quality is compared between the two.

    Aldi is almost the clear winner in this one crucial area. This is why? Trader Joe’s is known to have bad produce.

    TJ’s produce is often poor in quality. A journalist at wrote an article about this. It focused on the fact that fresh vegetables are overpackaged and bulk-baked (potentially leading towards waste at home).

    Aldi’s produce is not without its fair share. However, they are now sourcing local and getting shipments daily.

    We think that Aldi’s and TJ’s produce is comparable. Both stores deliver, especially in the fun, unique food categories. Shoppers love to eat Trader Joe’s Black Truffle Cashew Pesto, vegan Bolognese or French Onion mac & Cheese.

    Aldi has a lot to offer: Girl Scout cookie duplicates (for as low as $4/package), super affordable centre-cut bacon, and more! pineapple mimosas bottles.

  • If you’re interested in learning more, Aldi has 17 great reasons to be so inexpensive.
  • Conclusion
  • Aldi Nord operates Trader Joe’s and other stores throughout the United States.

    While the distinction is a little confusing (and misleading!) at first, ultimately the differences have led to some fierce competition, and the resulting innovation on both sides has made grocery shopping a lot of fun.

    Aldi’S Owned Trader Joe’S

    Aldi Nord owns Trader Joe’s in the States, but the Aldi stores that you see in the States are run by Aldi Sud, which is separate from Trader Joe’s. May 1, 2019,

    Aldi to Open New Stores by 2022

    Aldi U.S. plans to expand its U.S. presence by opening approximately 150 stores, with continued growth in the Gulf Coast. This will make Aldi U.S. the 38th state. Aldi U.S. is based in Batavia. The chain plans to open the store in Lafayette in Louisiana on Tuesday, February 10, 2022.

    Brothers Are Owners of Aldi and Trader Joe?

    Aldi U.S. BB#.116756 is commonly thought to be a brother or sister company of Trader Joe BB#.162286. It is not. While the two chains have some similarities, with both following a low-price, private-label-dependent strategy, they are independently owned and operated.Jul 19, 2019

    .Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S In 2022? (You’Ll Be Surprised)

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