Aldi Coffee Pods

Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

A lot of people rely on coffee for their daily needs. Coffee pods make it easy to make a simple cup. From the innovative Keurig machines, we now have a multitude of instant coffee and espresso options.

Aldi supermarkets pride themselves on selling high-quality food and beverage products at steeply discounted prices. Aldi’s coffee pods selection is no exception. Let’s see what to expect from Aldi’s coffee pod selection.

  • Aldi Coffee Pods In 2022
  • Aldi coffee pods can be purchased under the Barissimo label. It also stocks other premium coffee products. Available in decaf, regular, light roasts and flavored styles as well, the pods also have Fair Trade options. For $3.55 per box, all pods are available in 12 sizes.

  • For more details on Aldi’s pods as well their price, quality, taste, compatibility and how compatible they are with different machines, continue reading
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi carries what type of coffee pods

    Aldi currently sells six varieties of coffee cups under their Everyday brand. Note that Aldi calls their pods “cups”; I will use the two terms interchangeably.

    There are many flavors that you can get at any season of the year.

    Barissimo Breakfast Mix or Donut Store Espresso Cups (12 ct.

    Barissimo Caramel or French Vanilla Cappuccino Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Decaf Coffee Cups or Breakfast Blend from Donut Store, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Fair Trade Colombian Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo French, or Blonde Roast Coffee Cups – 12 ct.

    Barissimo French Vanilla or Hazelnut Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Aldi has also released specialty flavors all year in their Aldi Finds program. In winter, for example, you may see a Peppermint Mocha.

    They released 12 chocolates with romantic themes in a gift package around Valentine’s Day.

    Pumpkin Spice is always the focus of Fall, so Aldi has many variations on this flavor.

    You can find out what is coming to your Aldi Find store by looking at their printed ad or their digital ads via their website.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap?

    Aldi prides itself on being consistent with pricing. When it comes to items like their coffee cups, all of which come boxed in packs of 12, no matter the flavor or coffee type, the Everyday cups remain $3.55.

    Walmart offers their coffee pods as Great Value under its store name. You can buy 12-packs of these pods at $3.92. But, you must not forget that the variety is far greater. There are more than 15-20 types.

    Wegmans sells its own brand of coffee pods at 3.99 for a 12-count. This is a fraction more than Walmart. Wegmans is also a huge retailer with over 20 options of Wegmans coffee pods. This includes multiple flavor and roasts as well organic (for $5.99).

    Aldi coffee beans are cheaper than most of their competitors by at least 37c.

    However, other grocery stores very likely have many more options, as I didn’t even include the name brands like Starbucks ($8.49 for 10), Dunkin’ ($7.99 for 10) and McDonald’s ($7.49 for 10).

  • To really show how affordable Aldi’s pods truly are, take a look at your average Starbucks coffee order – $5 $5? More? For one coffee. Each pod costs only 30 cents
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    How Do Aldi Coffee Pods Taste?

    Although Aldi coffee is getting rave reviews on the Internet from coffee lovers, there has not been any mention of their Everyday Coffee cups.

    While I’m not trying to be unfair, it is probably safe to conclude that this taste isn’t anything to write home about.

    They are likely bought for their convenience or for their price. That’s fine! Sometimes you just need a cheap coffee fix for work or hectic mornings.

    However, I’ve only tried a few of the seasonal pods. It was my absolute favorite cup of coffee, and it is peppermint mocha.

    Although I don’t like hot coffee much, the rich peppermint flavors and sweet chocolate flavor were delicious and luxurious.

  • Aldi placed their peppermint mocha cups right next to Starbucks K cups in exactly the same flavor.
  • Aldi also offers hot cocoa cup with milk or dark chocolate. Aldi also sold dark chocolate pods, which were okay but not spectacular.

  • Overall, I believe the Everyday pods can be considered to be serviceable. However, the seasonal Aldi Finds pods, which are flavored and delicious, is worth trying!
  • Aldi Coffee Machines With Which Aldi CoffeePods Can Be Used?

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular “instant” or pod-ready coffee machines on the market and whether or not Aldi’s coffee cups are compatible.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi Coffee Pods Compatibility with Keurig Machines

    Aldi coffee pods are compatible with Keurig machines. These machines are where Aldi’s coffee pods will fit in, and all models of the K-Duos or Minis can be used.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines?

    Aldi’s Everyday coffee pods do not fit with Nespresso machines. Nespresso is used to make espresso at home. Nestle has Nespresso and their machines are very popular in Europe. However, it is not quite as widespread here.

    Aldi’s Everyday Coffee pods do not have the right type of coffee grounds to work in Nespresso machines, so they aren’t recommended for use.

    Aldi does not sell Everyday pods, but they do offer coffee capsules made specifically for Nespresso. These Aldi Finds were available in a few different flavors and cost $3.49 per box.

    Reddit comments noted that the were finding it difficult.

    Because Nespresso machines have become more widely known abroad, European Aldi shops sell espresso pods in their Everyday line. These espresso pods can be purchased under the Alcafe name.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible with Dolce Gusto Machines

    Aldi Coffee pods do not fit with Nescafe Dolce Gusto espresso machines.

    Aldi’s coffee pods don’t have enough milk pods for making lattes, cappuccinos or other espresso-based drinks.

    Aldi shops abroad sell Dolce Gusto compatible cups. There are some delicious-sounding flavours like Twix bars, but again, this is due to the popularity of espresso throughout Europe. These products are called Alcafe Barista Moments.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With K-Fee Machines?

    Aldi coffee pods are not compatible with K-fee machines. If you have a K-fee machine and are looking for a compatible cup that you can find in a grocery store, the Starbucks Verismo pods will work with K-fee.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Tassimo Machines?

    Aldi pods for coffee aren’t compatible with Tassimo machines. This is because the cups must have a unique barcode that tells the machine what water level, what time to brew, and the temperature.

    Aldi’s Everyday Coffee cups will only work with Keurig coffee pots, as can be seen. It makes perfect sense as Keurigs, the most common and popular single-cup coffee machines in America, are compatible with Aldi’s Everyday Coffee Cups.

    American people have not yet developed enough love for home espresso machines to support all the available pods.

    Aldi’s coffee pods have been explained. We also offer related articles such as Aldi bread, Aldi almondmilk, and Aldi choco.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi coffee pods are available in 6 affordable Everyday flavors. Specialty flavors can be added seasonally to the Aldi Finds range. They are still affordable and serviceable, even though they’re not as popular as Aldi coffee pods.

    Aldi coffee beans may not work with other machines, except a Keurig.

    .Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

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