Best Oil Stove

Comparison: Choose the best oil stove in 2020

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

Invest in a kerosene stove is a great way to warm up quickly while saving money.

How does it work ? What is the best oil stove among the many models?

What benefits? What disadvantages?

What is a kerosene heater?

A running extra heating with oil

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

The kerosene heater is a supplementary heating. It is mobile, works with oil and can heat rooms with an area up to 50 m².

The heater consists of two parts. The first tank. In a variable capacity depending on the model, it is inside of it that we pay oil. The second concerns the battery. Depending on the model, some run on batteries and it takes light wick. Other plug into the sector and have electronic programs. Such models will also incorporate a thermostat and many comfortable options (timer, temperature programming, economy mode).

According to the categories of stoves, features and options evolve. Battery life varies, the mode of switching on and off also. What does not change is the diet, always on oil. Consider buying odor of oil, fuel can sometimes release an unpleasant odor. Note that some devices have technology to reduce these odors at startup and at shutdown.

The families of oil stoves

They are three in number: the simple combustion stove, the stove Double combustion and electronic stove. What distinguishes each category, the combustion mode.

The simple combustion stove is a stove wick. How does it work ? With batteries! Then you fill the oil tank, and light the fuse.

The stove or laminar double combustion stove also battery operated but has a second combustion chamber. Combustion is more complete, the performance is better.

The third category relates to electronic stoves. These models are plugged into the mains. They are equipped with an electronic thermostat and a ventilation system to optimize the distribution of heat. Depending on the model, the electronic features are more or less advanced.

Choosing your kerosene heater will depend on your budget, your use and the surface of the parts to be heated.

Why buy a kerosene heater?

Because this is an excellent backup heating

Everything is extra heating of waiting is that it heats our rooms quickly and efficiently. Such is the power of the oil stove! The most efficient kerosene heaters are able to heat a room in six minutes. How? ‘Or’ What ? With high heating power. This power guarantees thermal comfort and disseminates fast heat and homogeneous.

The oil pan is also an economic heating. Each model has an oil consumption amplitude. It is measured in liters per hour. Some oil stoves consumes 0.1 to 0.380 L / h, other 0.2 to 0.280 L / h. This amplitude varies depending on the power and the heating category.

If the average is carried out, it can be considered that a kerosene heater consumes between 0.2 and 0.3 L / h. This data is used to calculate the cost of oil on a specific time. How? ‘Or’ What ? Consumption range of 0.2 to 0.3 L / h amounts to 1 L / 5h or L 1 / 3H. Knowing that the liter of petrol costs on average 1 to 1.5 euros, you can heat between 3 and 5 am your part for 1.5 euros. It’s cheaper than electricity.

In addition, the oil stove no installation request. It need not exhaust duct and can sometimes do without a power outlet. So it is very mobile and can be used in many rooms of the house.

For its intelligent electronic forms

The wood stove is easy to use heater. In recent years, the oil stove has evolved to become programmable. It is equipped with many features. Among them, a daily automatic startup, weekly, customized and an electronic thermostat. Some have control panel to control the interior temperature.

There are several heating rates for regulating the temperature alerts to ventilate the room, remote controls, motion detectors, anti-odor systems. The options are many. What matters is that all ensure your safety and meet a need.

Different types of oil stoves

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

Connection to the mains, battery operation, temperature control, preset modes, how to navigate among the various oil stoves. Follow us, we break for you!

The wick stoves

There are two types of stoves wick. The simple combustion stove and the double combustion.

Simply burning stove is the cheapest oil stoves. It is a wick stove with three buttons, operating with batteries. How to use it ? The first button adjusts the height of the wick, the second is responsible for the ignition and the third extinction. First, adjust the height of the wick and then press the power button. After releasing the button, the igniter is actuated. It is he who will ignite the wick.

How he warm? The wick is impregnated with oil. Quenching it in a container fed by the reservoir. The top of the wick, it is embedded in a laminar flow burner (temperature increased to 800 ° C operating). The oil stove single combustion heater to 70% by radiation. The remaining 30% relates to convection.

This is a more efficient stove bit more expensive than the stove. The configuration is similar, 3 buttons to operate the heater. What changes is the fact that it has a second combustion chamber.

What does it mean ? As seen above, the wick is contained in a burner. For dual-burning stoves, oxygen is brought to the burner end. the first combustion gases are therefore burned. What can we conclude? Rejection of toxic elements in the air is reduced. The efficiency of heating improves. These stoves heat by convection to 70% and 30% by radiation.

Electronic stoves

Electronic stove works on oil and electricity for the electronics. It is more accurate but more complex. It incorporates a thermostat that regulates the temperature and ventilation system quickly and efficiently distributes the heat.

The peculiarity of this class of devices? Programming ! Through an LCD display, a control panel or a remote control, you will have access to many options. Programs are comfortable, economical and advanced. Here, no fuse or batteries, combustion is done by microprocessor.

The advantages and disadvantages of a kerosene stove


single or double burning stoves are cheap oil stoves. In addition, oil is not an expensive energy. This type of heating is therefore a quick and economical way to be serviced in winter.


A few minutes to heat a room of small area. It’s nice and that is all that is expected of a booster heater.

comfortable options


Electronic stoves provide access to a specific temperature and a programmable period of daily or weekly. So you can regulate the temperature and set your heating to your liking.

Easy to use

The wick stoves contain only three buttons. The use is very simple. Furthermore he claims no connection. So you can install it easily.

Low maintenance

Only wick stoves require special attention. The wick should be changed annually.


The devices are not fixed to the wall. And sometimes they do not even need to be connected. So you can place it in all places. It’s practical knowledge that quickly heats. You will appreciate its presence tinkering in the garage, working at the office or in a workshop.



It is a disadvantage of this type of heating. A smell may occur during ignition and extinction. To limit these inconveniences, we must invest in a petroleum odor.

The kerosene heater is not a discrete unit. It is often dark in color and can be hung on the wall as an electric heater.

What budget provision for an oil stove?

For a simple and inexpensive model

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

These models are not programmable. They are inexpensive, single or double combustion. Their advantages? They are not connected to a power outlet, they run on batteries. You can choose the location you want. These devices quickly heat a room from 15 to 20 m². They consume little oil, about 0.2 L of oil per hour. Their price? Between 100 and 300 euros. Which changes from one device to another, is the heating power, the tank capacity and the fact that either single or double combustion. Equipped with security systems and NF certified, they are perfect for troubleshooting few hours.

To control the temperature

These are electronic oil stoves containing electronic thermostats. These models are able to raise the temperature inside the room and regulate. They are programmed 24H and stop after reaching the desired temperature. They provide a yield approaching 100% and ventilation system helps circulate the air powered. The heat is homogeneous. It takes between 200 and 300 euros for a basic electronic kerosene stove. Attention they plug the mains (power only to the control panel).

high-tech burner to regulate power, odorless system to control odor, hot feet, programming weekly, temperate walls, key lock or open hand, count 400 for a model containing all these options.

In conclusion, the inverter technology. It is the jewel of electronic oil stoves. Thermal comfort is incomparable. Temperature variations are corrected. The device heats extremely quickly and then regulates. And as it is equipped with a thermostat, it is very efficient! However, it has a cost, count 500.

How to choose a kerosene heater?

What criteria can we learn? Four points to consider: your budget, the surface of your parts, your use and safety of the device.

It’s primordial. Plus it is suitable for your area, plus it performs. To heat a room, it takes 100 W per m². For a room of 10m², you need a booster heater power 1000 W. Knowing that the maximum power of kerosene heaters is about 4000 W, you can heat a room of 40 m² at least.

Height of the wick

If you plan to invest in a single kerosene heater or double combustion, it will take into account the height of the wick. It is expressed in millimeters and determines the heating temperature. For this heating, fit the wick. Note, however, no tool is standard. Each brand and type has its own wick. Think about it, you should change it every year!


It depends on four criteria: power, heat capacity, type of combustion and the volume of the tank. It is counted in hours.

The consumption

It is expressed in liters per hour. Each oil stove has its own consumption. This is an average that is usually indicated. This range varies depending on the heating power and the type of burner. The higher you go in power, more oil consumption increases.


These devices are subject to strict regulations because the risk of accidents is to be considered. What are these requirements? manufacturing standards (stability of the apparatus, the combustion quality, the temperature of blown air) and devices. To learn about these standards and learn how to limit risks, consultation on this page can help.

How to use a kerosene heater?

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

Before lighting kerosene stove, it is important to check the location and follow some recommendations.

For each type of heating, refer to the manual. It’s a safety issue. Every single combustion oil stoves do not work the same way, same for the electronic oil stoves.

How to clean and care for his oil stove?

oil stoves require little maintenance. We must dust off and remove stains with a dry cloth after each use.

For stoves wick, three elements are subject to wear: the batteries, the wick and the electrodes. The wick should be changed every year. The fuel filter should be checked regularly. Clean it using a blower, never with water. For electronic devices, some of which feature automatic cleaning programs.

Comparison: our favorite oil stoves

You’ve heard of the three families of kerosene stoves and now know all the rules of use of these devices. So what is the best among the oil stove models exist? What features retain? What advantages and disadvantages for each heating? Let a point using our comparison.

Comparison: Choose The Best Oil Stove In 2020

What special features for this model ZIBRO SC-DX320? This is an electronic oil stove. It is powered by oil, but connects to the sector to allow operation of the LCD. The power of the device is 3100 W. The capacity of the reservoir is 5.4 L and the battery life is 65 hours. It is equipped with a control panel for adjusting the temperature and to enter a time.

Its strengths? It is programmable and precise. It is possible to program a temperature, a time, even an hour started.

Why buy this oil stove? For his skills. This is an excellent booster heater. The heating power to quickly heat the surfaces of 30 sqm. It’s accurate, regulates temperature and fits your lifestyle. If you want to program the half an hour before you return from work, it’s possible. Simple to use and accessible to all, it has an economy mode that keeps the temperature once it is reached.

Most ? It perfectly regulates temperature. It’s nice and economical.

A disadvantage ? The price is a bit high for a booster heater.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the features of this model Qlima R23C2? It is an electronic oil stove. The capacity of the reservoir is 5 L. The power amplitude varies between 1080 and 2800 W. The device is programmable. It is possible to adjust the temperature, to enter a term and customize the heating modes. The device is also equipped with an economy mode and a lock function.

Its strengths? His Save mode. It helps regulate the temperature. It adapts to your interior and has multiple heating rates manageable automatically.

Most of this model? His children safe. The walls are cold when the heating is started.

A disadvantage ? The power of 2,800 W. It is powerful but insufficient for large spaces.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device ZIBRO LC-SL530? This is an electronic oil stove. It is programmable and equipped with a thermostat. Its power can be up to 4650 W. The capacity of the reservoir is 7.6 L and it has 70 hours of battery life. A timer is built and 21 programs are available on a control panel displaying functions on an LCD screen.

Its strengths? 2 modes! The first, the Fuzzy Logic. At a specific time, you get a desired temperature. Depending on the volume of the room and the indoor temperature, the device calculates the time required to reach the temperature. The second, the Save mode. Once the temperature reached, the device keeps no change for 8% saving.

Why buy this oil stove? For his intelligence and slim design. It is a powerful device, customizable and able to heat rooms from 30 to 70 sqm. You ensures thermal comfort since it regulates the temperature and warms quickly. It is secure, easy to use and compact. Unlike other models, it is flat and takes up little space in your room. In addition, a remote control and an automatic cleaning method complement the device.

Most ? The automatic ventilation control. The system allows air to circulate properly and regularly.

A disadvantage ? Oil consumption. It can consume 0.484 L / h depending on the programs.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model ZIBRO SC-300? It is an electronic oil burner with a power of 3000 W. The capacity of the reservoir is 5.4 L and its maximum range is 65 H. The unit consists of an electronic control panel with display of the target temperature and room temperature.

Its strengths? It is an electronic oil stove. In addition to quickly raise the temperature, it is precise thanks to the thermostat included. Another advantage is the power of 3000 W, which can heat a room of about 30 m².

Why buy? Because it is efficient, accurate and affordable. It heats up quickly, reached the temperature you informed and regulates. It is plugged in but consumes little power due to its oil. The battery life is interesting, the capacity of the tank also. The stove is more guaranteed 4 years and simple to use. An LCD screen makes using and understanding.

Most ? His light gray design. The device is discreet, simple and modern.

A disadvantage ? It is not suitable for small rooms. It is noisy because of its ventilation system that circulates the air pulsed so that heat is homogeneous. Beware the ignition, the device sometimes has a petroleum odor.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model ZIBRO RC-320? It is a wick stove Double combustion. It works with batteries and is equipped with a mechanical thermostat. Its power is 3200 W. The device has a reservoir with a capacity of 5.5 L and a battery life of 18 hours. Simple to use, just a button to turn it on.

Its strengths? His power of 3,200 W. It can heat an area of ​​40 sqm. Another highlight is the patented Double Toyotomi Clean Chamber System. This is a dual combustion which provides better performance and ensures complete combustion of oil.

Why buy this oil stove? For its attractive power and double combustion. It is a simple booster heater to use and able to help in case of cold. It heats quickly and significant volumes. Its yield is high and you can slightly adjust the heating power. Another point, it is equipped with valves leak proof and an air quality control.

Most ? It is a kerosene stove that consumes little, between 0,263 and 0,313 liters of oil per hour.

A disadvantage ? This is not an electronic oil stove. No program or temperature monitoring is possible.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Inverter 7747? It is an electronic oil burner with a capacity of 7.2 L. Its power ranges between 1000 and 4650 W. It consists of a control panel with LCD display for monitoring temperatures and access many settings. It has a programming weekly, multiple modes and a ventilation system.

Its strengths? Its inverter technology. It allows to master the temperature and offers real thermal comfort. The unit quickly heats to the desired temperature and it regulates through its integrated thermostat. Conclusion? The yield is better.

Why buy this product? For its electronic control and its programs! Depending on the charged oil, heating capacity varies. The device is further provided many programs: Temperature option cycles programming weekly, delayed start. He is competent and accurate. Its very high power also allows heating large volumes. Its odorless system is able to reduce the 95% petroleum odor and opening “clean hands” you avoids contact with the fuel.

More ? The device is economical. This is its integrated thermostat that allows this. It also has many security programs. Cool wall to protect your children, CO2 detector and anomalies.

A disadvantage ? His price. The device is very expensive.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this device Kerosun RS-220? It is a wick stove simple combustion. Its power is 2200 W and the capacity of the tank is 14 L. The apparatus is battery operated and is regulated manually.

Its strengths? Its low power consumption. The stove consumes only 0.229 L / h. Another advantage is its power of 2,200 W. It can rapidly heat surface of 14 m².

Why buy this oil stove? For its quality / price. The device is inexpensive and effective. Its yield is high. It heats quickly without consuming too. Its heat output is interesting, the capacity of the tank and autonomy also. The stove works with batteries and is easy to use. Pour the oil in the tank, turn the knob “on” to the right and hold another gray button until the torch arrives. It’s simple and reassuring since the stove is equipped with a triple safety.

Most ? Its control system E-gard. An alarm is triggered immediately when necessary to ventilate the room.

A disadvantage ? The device is not programmable. It is impossible to monitor the temperature and know the room temperature.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Qlima SRE 9046 C-2? It is an electronic oil stove. Its heat output is between 1280 and 4650 W. It consists of a tank with a capacity of 9 L Its range is 23 to 67h. The unit is programmable and has a built-in thermostat and many features. Among them, the Save mode, Fuzzy logic technology, automatic control
ventilation or a backup mode.

Its strengths? The save mode that keeps the temperature and mode
Fuzzy Logic allows to regulate it. Another advantage is the automatic control of ventilation. Depending on the power, the fan speed is regulated.

Why buy? For its performance. You can personalize your heating as needed. It quickly heats to reach the required temperature and then stabilizes and regulates. This is a competent backup heater capable of heating the rooms of 75 sqm. Made in Japan, there is equipped with many protection systems: CO2 detector, child safety button, flame indicator controlling the combustion, anti-tipping system, protection against overheating. Finally, it is guaranteed 4 years.

Most ? His system odor and open mode own hands.

A disadvantage ? This oil stove is equipped with a ventilation system that can be noisy when running.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this kerosene stove ZIBRO RS-240? This is a stove wick simple combustion of a power of 2400 W. It works with batteries and has a reservoir with a capacity of 4 L. The unit consumes 0,250 L / h and has a range of 18 h.

Its strengths? This is a good supplementary heating. Power of 2400 W is used to heat parts of 25 m² and for 16 h.

Why buy? Because it is simple and effective. One button is enough to turn it on. It runs on batteries, so it’s mobile. It guarantees a comfortable, heats quickly and is autonomous 16 hours. Its fuel filter removes impurities and increases the life of the tank and the wick. The glass combustion chamber has a baffle to increase the radiation and a high yield. Last, the device is guaranteed 4 years.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model ZIBRO RS-220? It is a wick stove simple combustion. It is battery powered. Its power is 2200 W and the capacity of the tank is 14 L. Finally, the device has a range of 16 H and consumes 0.229 L / h.

What are its strengths? His power of 2,200 W. It can heat rooms with a surface of 20 m². Another advantage is the fact that the device is battery operated. It is independent of any power source and can be used in many rooms.

Why buy this oil stove? Because it is an effective heating. It lights easily, simply turning a knob for the spark is triggered and the stove is lit. This stove uses little oil and heat a room of 15 sqm in 5 minutes! Simple to use, it works with all fuels and is guaranteed for 4 years. Last, it is secure. It stops automatically in case of failover.

Most ? Its ignition “Piezo” which simplifies lighting and makes the device works with batteries. It is moving to 100%!

A disadvantage ? The device contains no thermostat. The temperature monitoring is impossible.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

To conclude

Did we answer your questions? Did you find the best oil stove? One that fits perfectly within your and your needs? Share our comparative guide with all who seek a supplemental heating solution and do not hesitate to let us review the guide!

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