Best Fryer Without Oil

Comparison: Choose the best fryer without oil in 2020

Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

They eat horn, with the fingers, all the sauces, as an accompaniment to meat, restaurant or fast food, it’s the fries!

Kids love it, parents also only is fat and little nutrition.

To remedy this, a machine, deep fryer without oil. It’s healthier, but how does it work?

To help you find the best fryer without oil, it will make your delicious and crispy fries here are some tips and a comparative guide!

What is a fryer without oil?

An apparatus without frying fat

Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

Cook fries with a traditional camera is plunging potatoes cut into strips in a container filled with hot oil. It boils, it fried, baked it, that crunch, it’s good but it’s soaked in oil. Today, there are electrical devices called “oil-free fryer” capable of preserving the taste of fries and texture despite cooking without oil. What are their secrets ?

A different way of cooking

Fryers without oil have an air heating system forced. In addition, some devices are provided with fans circulating the hot air. Others are equipped with a rotating arm to mix the chips. Different brands and models, technologies, powers and mechanisms differ. Their objective ? Get even cooking for even more tasty fries.

The models in the range Actifry Seb are for example equipped with a stirring blade. This technology stir fries throughout cooking. For this range, no fans but an arm and a tray turning.

Regarding models of the Philips brand, speaking of TurboStar technology and Rapid Air. This time, the air circulates around super-hot chips to ensure even cooking. Needless to stir during cooking, it is a convection system.

These various heating technologies are often unique to each brand. When models are multifunctional, you have a heating system experienced a technology capable of adapting to different cooking methods: baking, frying, roasting, oven function or cakes. The Seb Actifry technology created in 2009, took six years of research!

The elements of a fryer without oil

We can identify five. The tank, removable or not, containing the chips. The control panel with two simple buttons “cooking time” and “temperature” or an LCD screen with multiple programs. The transparent lid or not, with manual or automatic opening. The handle, possibly rotating or folding. Cold and strong, it allows to enter the basket. Last item, the system odor. This filter limits the frying smells.

Why buy a deep fryer without oil?

To eat fries without fat

Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

The many technologies developed by the brand promise of the outcome. 3% fat only technology patented Seb Actifry mark. 80% less fat for the Rapid Air technology from Philips. More generally, a tablespoon of oil is enough to cook 1 kg of fries. It’s healthy and it means you can monitor your online without removing chips from your diet.

All without oil fryers models operate on this principle. All have the same mission: to preserve the crunchy texture of fried despite little oily material brought.

Because it is multifunctional

The fryer without oil can offer the oven functions, broiler or grill. Several options are possible. Let the fryer offers preprogrammed cooking (temperature and time already stored). Let the fryer has a plurality of interchangeable elements. Is removed from the vessel and replaced by a gate, a roasting spit, or a basket. Last possibility the bowl from the fryer has separators. Different foods can be compartmentalized into the vessel and cook simultaneously. Choose the model to suit your needs and expectations of the product.

Because it is simple to use and safe

Before, you had to watch the cooking fries. Of the oil was boiled in an open container. It was dangerous, the camera was hot. The oil could be projected and could quickly be reversed. Today, no oil fryers are ultra-secure. They close, stop automatically and keep warm dishes. No risk of burns, the walls and the handles are cold. No splash, there is no oil. In addition, the cover openings can be automated and fryers are equipped with non-slip feet.

Question use, regardless of the model is also very simple. Either you choose a temperature and time. Either you select the program corresponding to the desired cooking (fries, vegetables, frozen) and the camera does the rest.

The different types of fryers without oil

basic model

Fryer oil-free basic fried food. She can not cook, roasting or grilling but can fry other preparations of fries. So you can prepare nuggets, fried or breaded fish if you like.

What changes a basic fryer to another is the ability of the vessel, the power of the unit and its heating system. The choice of capacity depends on the number of people in your family. A higher or lower power will impact the speed of cooking. A heating system on the homogeneity of cooking.

Last functions “automatic shutdown” and “keep warm”. Some fryers oil-integrate these advanced functions.

model multicuissons

These fryers can roast, bake, or broil. Some are equipped with different elements which fit instead of each other. Some have several cooking programs.

The devices offer cooking programs adapt the cooking time and temperature according to the food being cooked. The fish will be cooked in 12 minutes and the fries in 30 minutes. Either these times are shown, or they are directly preset. Just press the corresponding cooking mode and the fryer starts.

Some fryers are multi-purpose. This means that the tank be removed and replaced with a rack or basket. You integrate this new element and you can grill a steak. Another point, some tanks are equipped with separator. In the same bowl, you can cook a fish next to the other chips. It’s simple, you save time and fish & chips!

The advantages and disadvantages of oil-free fryer

less caloric preparations

Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

3% fat only! 80% of oil saved! The arguments differ but the benefits remain the same. You eat low-calorie fries and it’s good for the heart.

preserved taste

The fries are tasty. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, not dry and not fat!


Some devices are equipped with a filter to reduce the smell of frying. However, the failure to use oil and close the device during cooking greatly limit the inconvenience.

Simple to use

It’s a breeze! Just cut the potatoes, insert them into the fryer and start cooking. If your machine is multifunction, you choose the program best suited to the food being cooked (fish, vegetables, meat). You close. The machine load to calibrate the temperature and cooking time.

Easy to clean

Without oil, everything is easier! Nothing is fat! Note that the tanks are nonstick so washable easily. Some even go in the dishwasher.


Some devices allow to make various preparations. Tapas chicken, quiche, fish, turkey fillet Tex-Mex, peaches in syrup! More than 200 recipes and even applications to download news!

Secure device

Handles and cold walls, non-slip feet, automatic lid, no oil splash, you can now cook fries with confidence.


The devices are usually bulky and heavy. 5 to 7 kg weight. Widths of 38cm and 50cm lengths for some models. You have to have the place and love the fries!

An expensive camera

From 60 to 220 euros, the range is wide! On average, it takes 120 euros for crispy fries.

What budget provide for a deep fryer without oil?

Several models, several choices possible, but a question: what do you expect from a fryer without oil?

Between 60 and 100 euros

At this price, you will find fryers without powerful enough oil to cook fries. Greater than 1000 W, up to 1500 W for some models, it is very interesting. The capacity varies, some achieve volume 3 L. What changes is the heating system. At that price, the devices are not equipped with a patented technology providing even cooking. It will mix during cooking fries. The fries are so diet, cooked quickly but less crisp.

Between 110 and 140 euros

Some models of the range Actifry Seb are available at this price. With the rotating arms which mixes the fries and hot air, the cooking will be homogeneous. The Rapid Air technology or Philips TurboStar also ensures even cooking.

With this budget, it is also possible to acquire a deep fryer without oil with a stop
automatic, a timer, a program “keep warm” and even a delay start.

More than 150 euros

Two possibilities. Let the fryer without oil is extremely powerful, or it is multicuissons. For high-performance, we mean optimal power of 1500W, a high capacity, removable non-stick bowl and an ultra-efficient heating system: homogeneous, without fat and fast material for rendering crisp and tasty on the plate. In summary, this is the luxury range!

If your fryer is multicuissons, power will also be optimal and the interesting ability. The cooking will be homogeneous and fast because without preheating. Most is that the apparatus is versatile. It can integrate cooking programs with time and temperature pre-recorded and used as an oven or grill.

How to choose your fryer without oil?

What matters mainly is the taste and texture of fries. For this quality and choose the fryer, some essential aspects to consider.

Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

Tank capacity

It ranges from simple to double depending on the devices. Choose according to your usage. By cons, prefer a removable bowl. The handle limit disasters. Another point, promote the tanks with non-stick coatings. No fat is not provided, the food might stick to the bottom.

Power and heating system

It is preferable that the power is greater than 1000 W. Generally the power oscillates between 1000 W and 1550 W. Another point, patented technologies. TurboStar, Actifry, Rapid Air, what is important is that cooking is homogeneous. Some are faster and allow you to save time on cooking, others are equipped with turntable or mixing blade to mix the chips.


All devices will not allow you to set a cooking time and temperature. On some deep fryers, these two functions are already preset. However, the timer allows to know the cooking time remaining. Models offer removable timers. So you can remove them from the machine and follow cooking your from another room fries. The timer can bring you real comfort of life when it allows the automatic shutdown and keeping warm after cooking.

Multifunction or not

Some oil-free fryer models can fry more food. Others are able to cook like an oven, roasting or grilling. Separators, recessed fittings, pre-programmed cooking modes, the choice of this multi-purpose mode is made according to your needs.

Ease of use and safety

The ideal is to have a deep fryer without equipped with a cold handle and removable oil. Why ? You do not burn and so folded, the handle does not take up space in your closet. Some devices have cold walls on the sides. If you have children, this can be additional security. Last essential security, non-slip feet.

How to use a deep fryer without oil?


Comparison: Choose The Best Fryer Without Oil In 2020

Safe and fries, choose a potato whose flesh is mealy. The Pont Neuf is the most popular in Europe. Then it will take the cut. Use a cutting-fried for a well-structured form of sticks. Leave to soak the chips in cold water for fifteen minutes. Starch and starch is removed and the favored cooking. Blot with an absorbent clean cloth and get ready for the next step.

Start cooking

Arrange the chips in the device. In case of fresh chips, add the necessary amount of oil. This assay is specified in the instructions. In case of frozen chips, the addition of fat is unnecessary. They are already pre-cooked in oil.

The cooking time and temperature depend on the fryer model. They will vary according to the power, the capacity of the tank and the heating system of your device. Be sure to follow these indications. Feel free to adjust to your taste.

During cooking

If your fryer is not equipped with technology allowing even cooking, you have to open your machine and stir fries. Think before you buy.


The preparation phase is the same. What changes is cooking. Whether you incorporate more foods that are compartmentalized in the tank, or using a cooking program. Once prepared foods, you set the time and temperature indicated or select a cooking method already preset.

How to clean and care for your fryer without oil?

Easy cleaning is the last argument of the fryer without oil: cleaning agents needed more soda crystals to use. Before cleaning your machine, check that the unit is cold. Then, follow the instructions in your manual. If it does not mention any advice, follow these points:

To maintain the quality of your tank in the long run, never use metal utensils. They might scratch the nonstick coating of the tank.

Comparison: Our favorite fryer without oil

Chicken fries, steak frites, moules frites, France, this support has the coast. At home, some feel guilty eating fat, others invest in a deep fryer without oil. How to choose among the existing models? To help, here is a guide
Comparative ten devices. strong features points, price disadvantages, use, cleaning, it tells you all for you to find the best fryer without oil.

What special features for this model Tefal Actifry Express FZ750000? Its power is 1400 W and has a capacity of 1 kg. The tank is removable and has a folding handle on the front. The device has a digital screen with three cooking options: fries, vegetables and fish. Also included are a timer and automatic shutoff.

What are its strengths? Cooking 25% faster with technology Actifry Express. 30 minutes is enough to cook fries. Cooking is consistent with the hot air that is blown and stirred. The fries are diet, only 3% fat. and it goes safely through the transparent cover that allows cooking control.

Why buy? The fries are good, cooked quickly and with a spoon of oil only. The cooking is healthy. The device is versatile, convenient to use and easy to clean. No smell of frying are released, no oil projection seen through the sealing device. You also have the option to fry other foods through the programs “fish” and “vegetables”.

His most? His cookbook. Fried vegetables, fried calamari, chicken nuggets, allow yourself to downloadable recipes on the application “my Actifry”.

A disadvantage ? The device is bulky.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this appliance Philips HD9220 / 20? It has a drawer inside which are inserted chips. It opens with a handle and has a capacity of 0.8 kg. The power of the device is 1425 W. It has a timer and an automatic shutdown with buzzer. It is possible to adjust the temperature, cooking time and finally, the camera turns off automatically.

Its strengths? Its patented Rapid Air technology. It ensures quick cooking, homogeneous and without fat. Another advantage is the integrated air filter. It provides free cooking odors.

Why buy? For its good quality / price ratio. The device is multi-purpose. You can fry fresh potatoes but you can also roast meats. Another advantage is that you control the cooking temperature, you preset cooking times and you save 80% fat.

Most ? The drawer compartment. This is a separator that can cook two foods simultaneously. You save time. Another advantage is the possibility of removing the drawer and integrate other accessories instead: basket, bowl, grill.

Disadvantages ? The unit is heavy. It weighs 7 kilograms. Moreover, its system tray slid under the unit does not monitor cooking.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Aerofryer XL Princess 182020? Its power is 1500 W and has a capacity of 3.2 L. The upper portion of the apparatus has an LCD screen on which a temperature is selected, a duration or a previously stored cooking program. The lower part consists of a removable bowl, nonstick withdrawing using a handle.

Its strengths? Its hot-air circulation technology. This high-speed traffic is used for cooking and frying of food. It also promotes cooking without fat, the addition of oil being useless.

Why buy this product? Because it allows frying, grilling, baking and roasting dishes healthier. The power of the fryer is high as its capacity. The price is attractive, the use of the simplified device and the kitchen can snatch five guests.

Most ? Its eight cooking programs (chicken, meat, fish, desserts, thawing, chips, etc.) that allow you to develop many recipes. Select a mode, it corresponds to a temperature and for a specific time cooking.

A disadvantage ? Cooking is not homogeneous. It should open the device and mix halfway through cooking fries.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Klarstein VitAir Turbo Fryer? It looks like the model VitAir Fryer of the same brand. The power is 1400 W, capacity is 9 L and the design is red and black. The difference lies in the control panel. It is built on the lower part of the unit. More convenient when opening. The timer also has some variations, the delayed start.

Its strengths? Foods rotate! Place them in the center of a grid. This central gate turns on itself. Cooking is uniform in addition to being fast and healthy. Why ? With hot air circulated by infrared halogen.

Why buy? Because it is powerful,
multifunction and good capacity. You can cook many dishes for your guests. You can cook chips as roast a chicken. The temperature can reach 230 ° C. You save time with the delayed start and automatic shutdown.

Most ? Compared to the model VitAir Fryer, this version offers a “rotisserie” program. How it works ? A pin is provided with the device. Prick the chicken, turn the program and grill gets going! Last thing, the “cake” program!

A disadvantage ? It has no handles. The tank should be output with potholders

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The characteristics of this fryer Aicok? A power of 1400 W and a capacity of 3.5 L. It consists of a drawer which can exit from the apparatus with a handle and with an automatic timer. Time and temperature are adjustable. The unit will stop automatically at the end of cooking.

Its strengths? Baking chips requires no oil. It is a forced air fryer. The hot air circulates in the container. The kitchen is healthy, there are 80% fat and less. Another strong point, it is possible to choose a time and cooking temperature.

Why buy? For its quality / price. The device is powerful and high capacity. It’s accurate, you can adjust the temperature and cooking time. It is more multicuissons you will find on the top of the time indications of apparatus and temperature for each food category. It’s fast, safe, easy to use, easy to clean, all for an affordable price.

The more this fryer? She is silent.

Disadvantages ? Cooking is not homogeneous. It must stir halfway through cooking fries.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this device FZ710000 Seb Actifry Original? The power of this model is 1400 W, its capacity of 1kg. It consists of a removable bowl withdrawing the device through a handle. It has a control panel that displays the cooking time indications. 1 kg of fresh chips fried in about 40 minutes. Allow 30 minutes for frozen chips.

Its strengths? The fries are fat free! With patented technology Actifry Seb, there are only 3% fat. A tablespoon of oil is enough to cook 1 kg. The oil mixes with fries with the rotating arm and cooking is homogeneous. The hot air is pulsed then stirred.

Why buy? Because the chips are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and no fat. The device is easy to use and clean. Cooking is homogeneous and leaves no smell of frying. The timer is removable. You can follow the cooking time from another room.

His most? His versatility! This baked chicken unit for four in 30 minutes, vegetables 10 minutes (650 g) and frozen vegetables in 20 minutes. Its cover is a transparent window to check out the cooking. Last longer, does not stir fries. A rotating arm loads to do for you.

A disadvantage ? His capacity. It is only 1 kg.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this AH950000 Seb Actifry Express model? The power is 1550 W. The tank is made of aluminum and with a capacity of 1.5 kg. The device also consists of a timer, a start / stop button and an automatic stop. Finally, the cover is entirely in glass allowing follow cooking fries.

Its strengths? The ceramic coating of the tank. It is ultra-resistant and food does not cling. Another advantage of this coating, it makes cleaning easier. Last strong technology Actifry Express. Cooking is fast and homogeneous thanks to a forced air system which is then brewed.

Why buy this model? Because the chips are tasty despite the low amount of fat (3%). They are cooked in 30 minutes and evenly. The blade stirring prevents you from opening the halfway device to shake fries. Last, the capacity is interesting: 1.5kg helps prepare dishes for 6 people.

Most ? It is versatile, strong and interesting ability. A cookbook is included with the device. You can try many dishes for your family: starters, desserts, stews, you will surprise them. Last asset, the machine has an automatic shutoff.

A disadvantage ? It is bulky and expensive. However, it may allow you to cook many preparations and can save you from some in small appliances.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this oil-free fryer Philips HD9641 / 90 Airfryer? Its power is 1425 W. The capacity is 0.8 kilograms. The device has a removable bowl with non-stick coating. It fits in a drawer that slides under the control panel. A full digital display unit. You can choose a temperature and cooking time as well as other modes of pre firings. Last feature, the device keeps warm your preparations.

Its strengths? His TurboStar technology. It can cook food quickly with an ultra-hot air distribution. She also cooks evenly and without supplying oil through a convection system.

Why buy? It’s a smart fryer without oil. Four cooking modes are preregistered (fish, meat, fries, chicken), time and temperature are displayed on a digital screen for accuracy. Your dishes are automatically kept warm after cooking. It’s fast and it’s fat free!

Most ? The time savings. There are no warm-up time. 18 minutes is enough to fry chips. In 16 minutes the fish is cooked and in 20 minutes the chicken is ready. You will also appreciate its design and compact size.

A disadvantage ? The device is expensive. His intelligence and its many functions have a cost.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What about this device Klarstein VitAir Fryer? Its power is 1400 W, its ability to 9 L. The apparatus is divided into two parts. The upper part opens the device. It comes with a control panel with many functions. The lower part has a non-stick container within which the food will be prepared. The device stops automatically and has 5 cooking programs.

Its strengths? His cooking system. The hot air is distributed homogeneously through an infrared halogen element. It is quick, the fries are cooked at 230 ° C in 25 minutes. It is healthy, the fat addition is unnecessary.

Why buy? For its automatic and manual programs. You can prepare grills, roasts, fries, meat or fish in large quantities and quickly. The temperature rises to 230 ° C, the power is high and the machine will stop automatically.

His most? Accessories! The unit comes with a rotating rack for better cooking a dish to prepare pizzas, ties to prick the chicken or make kebabs and pliers.

A disadvantage ? It is bulky and its price is not negligible. It is an investment, it is necessary to use the unit as a fryer, oven and grill.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this fryer without oil Cecofry Compact Plus CECO034? Power is 1000 W. The capacity is 5 L. It consists of two parts. The upper part has two knobs. One can choose a way of cooking “fried”, “oven” or a temperature (0 to 250 ° C). The other sets a cooking time (0-60 minutes). Attention device is not fully closed. There is a slight opening between the lower and upper part.

What are its strengths? Cooking requires little oil (a tablespoon is enough). The device provides two functions: frying and baking. So you can cook different foods.

Why buy? For its excellent quality / price. The fryer has a large capacity and the attractive power. The device is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. You can cook many foods and green and black design is very original.

Most ? It does not clutter your kitchen unlike most models fryer without oil. The unit is profitable, you can cook fries occasionally to four people without breaking the bank. Another advantage is its colorful design!

Disadvantages ? Cooking is not homogeneous. Think to mix halfway through cooking fries. In addition you have no visibility on the cooking, the lid is not transparent.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To conclude

The fryer without oil is concerned the taste, texture and calorie intake fries. Patented technologies have multiplied to bring you a quality and amazing speed. By establishing a comparative guide these multiple patents and technology, we wanted to guide you in choosing the best fryer without oil and bring you the most essential information. Feel free to give us your opinion and refer this guide to those who still hesitate!

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