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Best Cookware Set For Poached Eggs

For poached eggs I do a “glug” of white vinegar in the water which helps with coagulation and does not impart any flavor. I then crack the egg into a fine mesh sieve and just swirl for a sec before putting into the whirlpool, that helps the wispy egg white parts be removed and what you will get is a beautifully poached egg in the ideal teardrop shape that professional chefs get and it really helps to have the best cookware set under 200.

Best scrambled eggs is to put a little milk in than beat as much air in to them as you can. whether it be with an immersion blender or just fast whisking it. Makes the best fluffy, moist not wet scrambled eggs.

It you put some vinegar in the water for poached eggs, it will help the coagulation, making easier to get a good results.
I would not use boiling water, I would keep the temperature just below the b.p., I.e. 98 Celsius, add vinegar and store before put the egg.

Dad Takes Picture of Son Every Day

I liked the presence of a little mohawk haircut early on. I like that the position of the face within the photo is almost always the same. It gave the impression to me that the head was floating while only the background changed from being in a house, car seat to random blurs. Towards the end when he is wearing glasses the little boy reminded me of that young actor in the Jerry McGuire movie.

I love that! As you get a new baby, looking to see what part of Mom & what part of Dad to make him his own. I babysat for my bosses grandson as a baby till school started, holding him as an infant on my shoulder as I counted money, added up sales from a cash roll of paper & reroll it & individual paper tickets,putting a certain amount of money in each drawer.

Then he sat on my lap drawing, fortunate to have a Г shape desk, w/me working at the top, a little longer & him on my left leg drawing on the left part of the desk. Took him to the bank w/me occasionally, as no car seat in mine or company car(Max round trip 2 miles on mostly 25mph streets). When young, he was identical to his Mom’s(Bosses daughter/boss) pictures age 5 & below, but as he was older & now, looks more like his Dad. REASON I THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA CONTINUED FARTHER, maybe not everyday, but everyday for maybe the 1st year, when they do a lot of growing, but change to once a week, then maybe middle/high school every month, & if still living etc.

Once every 6 months +/-. Go back & look at your Freshman picture thru to Senior picture to see the temperature difference each year, just like school pictures each year = why I say at least 6 months, maybe 3 months 4 pictures. I focused on the child’s eyes, nose, & mouth as primary, & rest of face secondary. The facial features stayed the same the most part, but the shape of his head, hair cuts, etc. did change. He had more of a square head at times & rounder at others. I admire him to stick to every day for 6 years. It does show change in how the child looked at different times.

Also gives reason if a child goes missing 1), he has an exact age photo, 2) explains the difference in 2 parents description of the child’s face when telling, if out of town w/o handy photos.

Knitting Basics 101

Knitting 101

Knitting is a lot easier then most people think. It’s really easy to start and you should if you are thinking of it. There are many guides and videos at your disposal.

The basic tools you’ll need are some scissors, yarn, needles and some finishing needles.

Let’s talk about yarn and needles as there are many types out there. Bamboo needles are what most new knitters start off with. They help with keeping the yarn from sliding off the needle so much and stay a little bit better. After you’ve practiced and get used to the needles you can move on to any finishes or types of needles you want.

When looking for yarn to buy, it’s recommended you stick with a medium weight and smooth textured yarn. You can figure out the weight of a yarn by looking at the manufacturer’s tag. 4 is a good number to stick with.

The first step is to learn how to cast on. There are quite a few methods to cast on, and you can learn as many as you like. One of the easier methods to learn and most beginners get the hang of quickly is a single cast on. Here is a video of the single cast on. See if you can start off with this and get some stitches on to your needle.

Once you learn how to cast on. You are ready to learn how to stitch.

There are two types of stitches new knitters should start off with. The knit stitch and the pearl stitch.

Check out these two videos that show you how to learn these simpler stitch types.

Happy Knitting!