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Best Cookware Set For Poached Eggs

For poached eggs I do a “glug” of white vinegar in the water which helps with coagulation and does not impart any flavor. I then crack the egg into a fine mesh sieve and just swirl for a sec before putting into the whirlpool, that helps the wispy egg white parts be removed and what […]

Dad Takes Picture of Son Every Day

I liked the presence of a little mohawk haircut early on. I like that the position of the face within the photo is almost always the same. It gave the impression to me that the head was floating while only the background changed from being in a house, car seat to random blurs. Towards the […]

Knitting 101

Knitting Basics 101

Knitting is a lot easier then most people think. It’s really easy to start and you should if you are thinking of it. There are many guides and videos at your disposal. The basic tools you’ll need are some scissors, yarn, needles and some finishing needles. Let’s talk about yarn and needles as there are […]